SaaS Monetization and Subscription Management: Features

Be Fast, Agile and Transparent. Help Customers Succeed. Manage Subscriptions for SaaS, Traditional Software and Devices.


FlexNet Operations - Software Monetization Back Office

While the software world is becoming more customer-friendly, suppliers have to keep up and manage complex and hybrid models – without burdening their customers.

Flexera’s monetization back office enables suppliers to manage all monetization models for all deployment models. Manage software, customers and devices, deliver updates and gather usage and compliance data – either using Flexera’s embedded licensing technology or a smart REST API interface for SaaS applications.

FlexNet Operations enables suppliers to monetize software and services and manage subscribers more effectively.

Cloud Licensing and Web Services for SaaS Offerings

A cloud licensing service enables user provisioning and entitlement management for cloud-based applications. A REST API interface manages the connection between your monetization back office and your SaaS applications, enabling customers to manage their users and monitor their usage directly in their applications.

Support All Monetization Models

The Flexera software monetization platform supports the widest range of monetization models in the industry – monetize per user, consumption, device or any other meter including hybrid models. Configure your compliance management from strict enforcement to trust-and-verify. And manage all data and processes in a central monetization back-office and a 24/7 customer portal.

Usage Management

Get ready for hybrid monetization models and track usage as a basis for billing. Benefit from usage insights to see if your offerings find adoption and if customers use premium features.

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