FlexNet Advanced Lifecycle Management: Features

Automate the Generation, Fulfillment, and Activation of Software Licenses and Entitlements to Cut Operational Costs


Support for Multiple License Technologies

Easily create and manage licenses regardless of the license technology you use—FlexNet Publisher, FlexNet Embedded, 3rd party or homegrown license technologies.

Support Virtualization and Cloud Engines

Virtualization is the number one reason for software out-of-compliance and overuse. With detect-and-deny and detect-and-activate support for FlexNet Licensing-enabled applications running in VMware, Hyper-V and Amazon EC2 environment you can feel confident that your software is not being overused.

Activation and De-activation Process Support

Provide "call home" activation and removal of licenses from FlexNet Licensing-enabled products over the Internet with minimal user interaction while facilitating the activation and synchronization of unregistered FlexNet Embedded license servers without any manual intervention.

License Lifecycle via Portals and Web Services

Empowers you and your customers to activate, return, re-host and repair licenses for FlexNet Licensing and homegrown/3rd party licensing technologies.

Device License Lifecycle Management

Enables you to manage the licensing activities of applications on devices, including the ability to create/register devices, activate/de-activate capacity and features as well as return and move devices as people move within and outside the organization.

Backup and Restore License Server Data

Backup data from FlexNet Embedded License Servers into the back-office and restore License Server data in the event of data loss. Provides the ability to specify a backup server in order to recognize the requests coming from the failover license server and perform expected actions such as activation, rehost, repair or return.

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