FlexNet Operations: Modules

Entitlement Management


A Modular Software Operations Solution That Meets Your Demands

FlexNet Operations is a modular system that can be tailored to your needs. The platform comes with a solid base product and six optional modules that have been developed based on Flexera’s deep and extensive understanding of the software and IoT industries and the specific demands of today’s software suppliers.

Usage Management Usage-based monetization models are on the rise – use accurate and transparent meters

Pay-per-use, pay-per-outcome, pay-for-overage – software suppliers try to better align pricing with what is really used. Both pure usage-based models and hybrid models with a usage component depend on accurate metering.

  • Support usage-based models and offer trust-but-verify software licensing and compliance models
  • Offer pricing based on actual usage (pay-for-use, pay-for-burst, pay-for-overage, etc.)
  • Provide visibility and transparency – enable buyers to access their usage date themselves
  • Support compliance initiatives
  • Export usage data for billing, pattern analysis and optimization

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Electronic Software Delivery Deliver software to your customers – fast, reliable and secure

Get ready for more frequent updates, larger file sizes and a better user experience. Flexera’s Electronic Software Delivery is based on Akamai’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) and manages close to 100 million downloads per year.

  • Deliver software electronically, based on customer entitlements. Make sure that only eligible customers receive downloads and upgrades
  • Automate the fulfilment of export compliance requirements
  • Choose your delivery centre – in the US or in Europe
  • Track downloads automatically and accurately so you know who is using what

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Customer Growth Get real customer insight, reduce churn and increase renewal rates

VazDp1JI8go There’s nothing more valuable to your business than your existing customers. But do you know if they are getting enough value from your products?

  • Drive upsell and cross-sell campaigns more effectively
  • Help customers succeed so you reduce churn
  • Manage renewals proactively and provide customers with insight and transparency

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Advanced Organization Management Manage software in complex supply chains and multi-tier channel models

One of the biggest challenges software suppliers and buyers face is their ability to create, manage and track software entitlements across the entire organization–including all the subsidiaries and departments within the enterprise. Multi-tier channel models often add another layer of complexity. Advanced Organization Management makes it easy to manage complex ecosystems:

  • Manage multi-tier supply chains
  • Track channel partner success
  • Automate distribution and fulfilment while staying in control
  • Enable customers to manage licenses and entitlements in complex organizations

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Advanced Lifecycle Management Automate and provide self-services for software license management

Cut operational cost by automating software lifecycle transactions.

  • Manage the entire software lifecycle – fulfill, activate, return, re-host and repair
  • Manage the licensing lifecycle of applications on devices – create and provision features, enable rebalancing, returns and moves
  • Support virtualization and cloud environments – manage products in virtual environments, prevent or report on cloning
  • Report on software and device licenses

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Cloud Licensing Service Eliminate the headache of managing local license servers

Reduce internal support cost while increasing flexibility. Rely on Flexera’s cloud licensing infrastructure and make software licensing easier.

  • Provision licenses immediately after order without customer interaction
  • Prevent overuse and stop revenue loss from virtualization cloning.
  • Gain flexibility – support multiple licensing models and make compliance management easier

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