FlexNet Usage Management

Support, Collect and Share Usage Data to Enable Usage-Based Software License Compliance Models

Drive New Software Licensing Revenue with Pay-for-Use Models

To stay competitive and grow market share many application producers adopt their software licensing and compliance models to meet the changing needs of their enterprise customers. Recently, many enterprise customers have indicated that (for some products and in some markets) they want to move to a usage-based trust but verify software license compliance management model and in some cases only pay for what they use.

When you couple FlexNet Operations Cloud entitlement management with FlexNet Usage Management and FlexNet Licensing (FlexNet Embedded) with FlexNet Usage Capture you have the ability to collect usage data for SaaS and on-premises (connected) software/devices, including the ability to:

  • Support usage-based trust but verify software licensing and compliance models – by implementing a usage-based trust but verify model you can offer your enterprise customers pricing based on actual usage (pay-for-use, pay-for-burst, pay-for-overage, etc.)
  • Provide visibility into actual usage – your enterprise customer can access the enterprise dashboard to self-control and self-monitor actual usage data and reconcile against the software entitlement
  • Support compliance initiatives – your access to the enterprise usage data helps you support enterprise compliance conversations with a single source of truth (usage versus entitlement)
  • Export usage data – you, the producer, can export usage data to an external billing system and your enterprise customer can download the usage data for pattern analysis and optimization

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Capture Usage

Capture any type of usage data in a free form format, including: user, feature, quantity, date time, and/or any unit of measure.

Support Capacity Licensing and Consumption Models

Enable various types of concurrent and metered usage scenarios including capped and uncapped.

Automate Compliance Determination

Compute and reconcile usage against entitlements to continuously track compliance status.

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