FlexNet Renewal Management

Drive Recurring Revenue, Increase Renewal Rates and Create Visibility

A Recurring Revenue Engine for IoT, SaaS and Software Business Growth

Recurring revenue increases company valuations, drives additional shareholder value and is an important pillar for the health and predictability of your software business. FlexNet Renewal Management enables you to drive your renewals business and create visibility. Your Customers benefit from increased transparency and streamlined workflows.

A renewal rate of 85-95% is a strong indication for a healthy software business, shows a high level of customer satisfaction and creates a recurring revenue stream for business growth. However, not all producers are tracking and managing renewals diligently enough and risk missing out on important business opportunities.

Drive software business success with FlexNet Renewal Management:

  • Introduce an automated workflow and enable customers to plan future spend
  • Empower customers with customized notifications, self-services and clear call-to-actions
  • See early indications for decreasing customer health and success
  • Support the move to subscription for you SaaS or IoT business


Track and Manage Expiring and Expired Software Entitlements

Create visibility by reporting on subscriptions or maintenance plans that are nearing renewal or have expired. Customize time frames to support your business needs.

Automate Customer Notifications

Empower customers to plan and budget by sending out renewal notification emails. Customize timing, frequency and the number of emails. Enable users to subscribe to renewal notifications so that the right contacts are notified.

Empower Customers with Self-Services

Empower customers to plan and budget accurately. Streamline the renewal workflow with clear call-to-actions in your customer portal. Offer a one-click-process for the intent to renew that can be integrated with your CRM or eCommerce system.

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