FlexNet Advanced Lifecycle Management

Automate the Generation, Fulfillment, and Activation of Software Licenses and Entitlements to Cut Operational Costs

Automate & Provide Self-Service of Software License Management

Application producers frequently release new versions, updates and features for their software and devices, which sometimes makes it difficult for their enterprise customers to manage the license through its lifecycle, let alone understand what they are entitled to use.

When you couple FlexNet Operations (On-Premises or Cloud) entitlement management with FlexNet Advanced Lifecycle Management you can quickly create product configurations to meet market demands, cut your operational costs by automating the generation, fulfillment, and activation of software licenses and entitlements for your on-premises, cloud, SaaS, virtualized and embedded applications.

With FlexNet Advanced Lifecycle Management you have the ability and flexibility to:

  • Manage the entire software license lifecycle – fulfill, activate, return, re-host and repair software licenses
  • Manage the licensing lifecycle of applications on devices – manage the licensing activities related to applications running on devices including creating, provisioning (and de-provisioning) features, rebalancing, returns and moving devices
  • Support virtualization and cloud environments – detect-n-deny or detect-n-activate products in virtual and cloud environments to protect against accidental cloning
  • Report on software and device licenses – analyze licenses by customer, license status, product and version, expiration dates and more to help you make better decisions

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Support for Multiple License Technologies

Easily create and manage licenses regardless of the license technology you use—FlexNet Publisher, FlexNet Embedded, 3rd party or homegrown license technologies.

Support Virtualization and Cloud Engines

Virtualization is the number one reason for software out-of-compliance and overuse. With detect-and-deny and detect-and-activate support for FlexNet Licensing-enabled applications running in VMware, Hyper-V and Amazon EC2 environment you can feel confident that your software is not being overused.

Activation and De-activation Process Support

Provide "call home" activation and removal of licenses from FlexNet Licensing-enabled products over the Internet with minimal user interaction while facilitating the activation and synchronization of unregistered FlexNet Embedded license servers without any manual intervention.

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