FlexNet Customer Growth

Help Customers Succeed, Create Visibility and Grow Recurring Revenue

Reduce Churn, Increase Renewal Rates, and Grow Your Software, SaaS and IoT Business

There’s nothing more valuable to your business than your existing customers. But do you know if they are getting enough value from your products?

  • Drive upsell and cross-sell campaigns more effectively
  • Help customers succeed so you reduce churn
  • Manage renewals proactively and provide customers with insight and transparency

FlexNet Customer Growth empowers software suppliers to grow recurring revenue, increase company valuations and drive additional shareholder value.

Analyze Account Health, Renewal Health and Consumption

In a subscription world, software suppliers need to manage the whole customer lifecycle, understand customer needs and help them succeed. FlexNet Customer Growth provides actionable insight, based on accurate entitlement and consumption data – for your SaaS, on-premises or embedded applications.

Dashboard Overview

Help Customers Succeed and Trigger Upsell and Cross-Sell Campaigns

Renewal managers and customer success managers need to know if customers are getting value from the software they purchased. But often they won’t know before renewal time, which is a risk. FlexNet Customer Growth indicates account health and renewal health and empowers them to step in and help customers when consumption is declining and help might be needed.

Account managers want to provide more value to their customers. They are provided with a central view on all products a customer is using and the respective consumption. Based on that data, they can offer bigger packages or additional products at the right time and deliver better customer service.

Manage Software Renewals More Effectively

A renewal rate of 85-95% is a strong indication for a healthy software business, shows a high level of customer satisfaction and grows your software business. However, not all producers are tracking and managing renewals diligently enough and risk missing out on important business opportunities.

FlexNet Customer Growth enables you to run a successful renewals business and creates visibility. Your Customers benefit from increased transparency and streamlined workflows.

  • Introduce an automated workflow and enable customers to plan future spend
  • Empower customers with customized notifications, self-services and clear call-to-actions
  • See early indications for decreasing customer health and success
  • Support the move to subscription for you SaaS or IoT business


Customer Growth Dashboard and Trendlines per Account

See the overall health of your software business and a list of your customers with trendlines indicating account health.

Detailed Health Information per Account

Benefit from a detailed account overview and see all products a customer is using, regardless of deployment model or monetization model.

Watch Lists and Account Health Alerts

Account managers, renewal managers and customer success managers can create watch lists for certain sets of customers and get immediate auto alerts on customer growth and potential risk. Get the insight you need to measure success.

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