FlexNet Advanced Organization Management

Manage and Track Software Entitlements Across the Entire Organization and Channel Partners

Gain Visibility Across the Organization of All Software Entitlements

One of the biggest challenges application producers and their enterprise customers face is their ability to create, manage and track software entitlements across the entire organization–including all the subsidiaries and departments within the enterprise.

In addition, if you are like most application producers you likely have multiple channel partners and distributors for your products, yet you don't have much visibility into how those channel partners or distributors are actually performing.

When you couple FlexNet Operations (Cloud and On-Premises) entitlement management with FlexNet Advanced Organization Management you have the ability and flexibility to:

  • Create and manage multi-levels of customers, users and permissions – the hierarchy of business units within a company can be represented easily with FlexNet Advanced Organization Management. You can assign different roles and permissions to users based on the business unit they belong to. It also helps you and your customers handle decentralized purchasing and accurately track software entitlements and departmental charge-backs.
  • Track, report and transfer software entitlements between producers and tiers of channel partners and distributors

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