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Rethink Your Software Monetization Strategy

White Paper

This white paper offers insight on how application producers can introduce a subscription licensing model into their software monetization strategy to maximize revenue generation and offer customers a compelling experience.

Plugging Revenue Leaks from the ERP Gap: A Revenue Opportunity for Application Producers

White Paper

This white paper explains how ERP systems were built to handle physical assets, not digital goods and provides recommendations for alternative software licensing and compliance solutions.

Tamper Resistant Application Fortifies Your Defense Against Hacking

White Paper

To help software producers minimize piracy risk and maximize revenue, Flexera Software’s enhanced tamper-resistant application capability provides additional security layers to fortify and protect the software applications and thereby reduce revenue leakage.

Profiting from the Transition to Physical + Digital Solutions

White Paper

Network equipment providers’ core business model is under pressure due to a combination of business and technology trends impacting the telecommunications industry. This white paper looks at the trends and provides essential guidance.

The New World of Global Electronic Software Distribution: Sophisticated, Scalable … and Business Smart

White Paper

With proper planning, an electronic software delivery system can help a software company improve the customer experience and operational efficiencies. Today’s best solutions simplify the process and offer reliability, scalability, and strong throughput at a global level, while enabling organizations to strengthen revenue recognition and provide access for users entitled to the software.

Grow and Differentiate your Device (Hardware) Business

White Paper

This white paper explores some of the evolutionary drivers and provides guidance on how to navigate the shift from a device-centric to a more solution-centric, feature-based licensing model approach that enables differentiation. We explore business and implementation considerations, giving you a vision of how to take advantage of immense opportunities inherent in a business focused on providing extensible and flexible solutions rather than selling jus…

State of the Cloud Computing Marketplace

White Paper

This white paper analyzes the popularity of cloud computing with software publishers. The paper also explores new pricing models developed by cloud providers—including usage-based licensing.

How to Grow SaaS Revenue, Profits and Market Share with Use-Appropriate Software Licensing and Pricing

White Paper

The initial wave of software-as-a-service (SaaS) was characterized by “one-size-fits-all” pricing. This was largely because SaaS vendors were out to pioneer a new market—and simplicity was a cornerstone of their pitch to early adopters. The offer of extremely simple and economical pricing helped these vendors overcome whatever resistance they may have encountered to a new…

"Pay As You Grow" Electronic Licensing

White Paper

A practical guide to achieving profitable growth with innovative business and license models for intelligent device manufacturers.

Software License Compliance Management: Optimizing Software Revenue and Customer Satisfaction

White Paper

This white paper examines the pros and cons of traditional compliance management approaches, the impact technology has on compliance management, the increasing complexity of software licensing models, and the growing trend towards trust but verify compliance management approaches.

10 Reasons to Buy a Software Licensing & Entitlement Management Solution

White Paper

This white paper, authored by Cris Wendt, a Strategy Principal Consultant with Flexera Software, explores the top 10 reasons why most software vendors and intelligent device manufactures choose to buy a COTS software licensing service and entitlement management solution.

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