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Success Story

Prsym Partners with Flexera Software to Transform from Hardware to Software-Centric Model

The Software Monetization solution from Flexera Software enabled Prysm to move from a hardware-centric, perpetual licensing model to a more software-centric model that allows charging by user, by feature type and by consumption.

Success Story

ADVA Implements the Software Monetization Platform from Trust Partner

The Software Monetization platform from Flexera Software provides ADVA with flexible licensing, the ability to manage use rights and deliver a positive customer experience.

Success Story

PolySync Partners with Flexera Software to Deliver on Their Software Monetization Strategy

The Software Monetization solution from Flexera Software enabled PolySync to sefely, flexibly and reliably licence its software platform PolySync to its customers, provide 24x& self-service and manage the entire license lifecycle.

Success Story

Siemens Building Technologies Partners with Flexera Software to Monetize Software

Siemens implemented the Software Monetization solution from Flexera Software to protect and monetize software IP, standardize and automate processes and adopt new business models.

Success Story

Virtual Hold Technologies Uses Flexera Software to Electronically Deliver Software

Virtual Hold Technologies uses FlexNet Operations and FlexNet Electronic Software Delivery to electronically deliver software to customers, accelerate revenue recognition and increase customer satisfaction.

CPU Tech: Differentiating Its Security Hardware with Role- and Feature-Based Software Licensing and Entitlement Management

Success Story

Learn how CPU Tech addresses the unique security needs of their company's defense contractor customers, and how embedded software licensing and entitlement managment enables those users to access secure devices with confidence and in full compliance of security regulations.

Sybase: Transforms Its Operations and Achieves Outstanding Customer Satisfaction Levels with FlexNet Producer Suite

Success Story

With FlexNet Producer Suite, Sybase has been able to achieve operational efficiencies such as consolidating manufacturing in-house, and closing its European distribution center. In addition, customers give Sybase exemplary ratings based on their experience in accessing and using the company’s software.

Accelrys: Enhances the Customer Experience – and Its Brand – with FlexNet Operations Cloud

Success Story

The FlexNet Operations Cloud has helped Accelrys increase its overall customer satisfaction rating by 12 percent while reducing software distribution costs by up to 18 percent. The “try before you buy” integration with enterprise systems has significantly raised conversion rates.

Flexera Software: Learn How Flexera Software Used FlexNet Operations Cloud to Create a Single, Unified Entitlement and License Management System

Success Story

FlexNet Operations Cloud allowed Flexera Software to have a single, unified entitlement and license management system for customers that is available 24x7 while standardizing and streamlining many internal back-office processes.

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