FlexNet Operations: Features

Entitlement Management for Managing the Software License Lifecycle and Use Rights for Apps on Devices


Support All Monetization Models

FlexNet Operations supports the widest range of monetization models in the industry, from perpetual to subscription and pay-per-use. Drive the move to subscription and consumption based models for your SaaS and on-premises applications.

Automate Software Operations Processes

Scale your digital business and automate operational processes. Benefit from usage insights and know which customer is using what product and what features. Guarantee an excellent service delivery and avoid disruptions. Notify customers about new versions or upcoming renewals and offer grace periods to provide a continuous service.

Entitlement Lifecycle Management

Cut operational costs by automating the generation, fulfillment and activation of entitlements; create, update, transfer and split entitlements and line items; and notify customers as version upgrades are available. Upsell and renew customers based on business rules such as maintenance status and product relationships.

Create and Package Product Lines to Meet Market Needs

Quickly configure and create product lines based on products, features and bundles to meet the diverse needs of your users and different market segments. Easily manage product line packaging by licensing components and re-using them in multiple product lines.

End-User Portal Provides 24 x 7 Self-Service

Provide end users with a 24 x 7 view of their entitlements. You can customize the look and feel of the portal to ensure brand consistency. The portal supports Flexera Software, 3rd party and homegrown licensing technologies.

Automated Upgrade Management

Increase customer satisfaction, reduce maintenance and upgrade revenue leakage and eliminate manual processes with an end-to-end process for automated upgrade management. Automatically make new product versions available and send email notifications to eligible customers that are on maintenance or have an active subscription.

Web Services for ERP and CRM Integration

Gain valuable customer insight when you create and update entitlements via web services and seamlessly integrate your entitlement management system with your enterprise ERP and CRM applications (Oracle, Salesforce.com, SAP and others). Mapping licenses and entitlements to your ERP and CRM data provides you with a 360 degree view of your customer licenses and entitlements.

Licensing and Entitlement Reports and Tracking

With detailed reporting and tracking you can analyze and report on entitlements and licenses by customer, installed base of devices, license status, installed product and version, expiration dates and more. If you are also using FlexNet Electronic Software Delivery Add-on you can get comprehensive reports on customer download activity by product, version, file, customer, region and other dimensions.

Channel and User Management – Single-Tier Support

You and your channel partners can create user permissions as well as track, transfer and manage customer entitlements. With single-tier channel support, your channel partners are able to buy the software licenses from you in bulk, resell to end customers and transfer the specific license/entitlement rights to end customers they sell to.

Convenient Options for Data Import and Export

Add, update, import and export data easily through the user interface, web services, XML import/export and Excel-based spreadsheets. Excel-based templates dynamically match your configuration and enable you to import large amounts of data which saves time, eliminates data entry errors and facilitates copying from one instance to another.

Cloud and On-Premises Deployment Models

FlexNet Operations is available as a cloud, software-as-a-service (SaaS) or as an on-premises solution.

Why Cloud:
The cloud, Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model provides lower upfront costs, rapid deployment, and implementation and access anytime, anywhere on any device with a web browser. The application is running in the Flexera Software datacenter on our high-availability platform so users experience high-uptime operational service levels and shorter time to value,

  • Lowers initial license costs—subscription-based SaaS licensing is usually considered an operating expense
  • Reduces and simplifies deployment—hosted applications generally result in lower enterprise IT costs for hardware, software, and the people needed to manage and support it—even as the user base grows
  • Provides scalability to meet diverse customer needs—a true multitenant architecture allows the solution to easily scale up to meet capacity requirements
  • Eliminates the upgrade process—no patches for customers to download or install—Flexera Software manages availability, updates and upgrades

Why On-Premises:

  • Need greater control over data and the system
  • Regulatory – Many companies require data to stay on site
  • Leverage existing IT assets and resources (lower marginal costs)
  • Require integration with other on-premises applications that can’t connect to Cloud applications

External Data Warehouse Integration

The documented reporting schema empowers you to extract aggregate entitlement and license reporting data into an external data warehouse for storage and analysis with other relevant data. Only available with FlexNet Operations On-Premises.

Secure, 24 x 7 Hosted Deployment

The 24 x 7 Flexera Software hosted licensing server provides strong and reliable security, availability, processing integrity and confidentiality. Flexera Software LLC received a Type 2 Service Organization Control [SOC] 2 report. The report, issued by Deloitte & Touche LLP, was prepared in accordance with the attestation standards issued by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants' relating to applicable Trust Services Principles and Criteria. It covers security, confidentiality, processing integrity and availability. Only applicable to FlexNet Operations Cloud.

FlexNet Cloud Licensing Service

Simplify your enterprise customer’s license management experience by enabling software license enforcement and usage-based licensing management for both on-premises and cloud-based applications in an environment hosted by Flexera Software. Requires FlexNet Embedded, FlexNet Operations Cloud and FlexNet Usage Management. For details go to FlexNet Cloud Licensing Service.

FlexNet Advanced Lifecycle Management

Quickly create product configurations to meet market demands and cut operational costs by automating the generation, fulfillment, and activation of software licenses and entitlements for your on-premises, cloud, SaaS, virtualized and embedded applications with this add-on. Requires FlexNet Operations.

For details go to FlexNet Advanced Lifecycle Management.

FlexNet Advanced Organization Management

Many producers need multi-level customer hierarchy and multi-tier channel support for tracking and transferring entitlements as well as creating and managing users, permissions and customer records. With this module producers can track and transfer entitlements between multiple levels and tiers of distributors, VARs, channel partners and customers. You have complete flexibility to work with any levels you need to define. Multi-tier is defined as: producers -> distributors -> VARs -> customers. Requires FlexNet Operations.

For details go to FlexNet Advanced Organization Management.

FlexNet Usage Management

Many application producers are adopting new consumption and usage-based licensing and pricing models to allow their customers to only pay based on how much they actually use. With this module you have the ability to capture usage data from software and devices to enable new usage-based models, including pay-for-use, pay-for-burst, pay-for-overage, etc. Requires FlexNet Operations Cloud, FlexNet Embedded and FlexNet Usage Capture.

For details go to FlexNet Usage Management and FlexNet Usage Capture.

FlexNet Electronic Software Delivery

Effective electronic delivery of software, licenses and entitlements enables producers to accelerate revenue recognition and reduce costs while providing high service levels and a great customer experience. Only available with FlexNet Operations Cloud.

For details go to FlexNet Electronic Software Delivery.

FlexNet Renewal Management

Recurring revenue increases company valuations and is an important pillar for the health and predictability of your software business. FlexNet Renewal Management enables you to drive your renewals business and create visibility. Customers profit from increased transparency and streamlined workflows.

For details go to FlexNet Renewal Management.

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