FlexNet Operations

Entitlement Management

Scale and Efficiently Operate Your SaaS, IoT and Software Business. Grow Subscriptions. Get Recurring Revenue.

Transform your business. Help your customers to succeed. And thrive by delivering an instant and positive experience. With a professional software operations system, you can:

  • Add speed, agility and automation
  • Grow your SaaS business and drive subscriptions
  • Manage and monetize the IoT
  • Enable product agility so you can switch features on and off, based on use rights
  • Know what your customers own, and what they are using

FlexNet Operations is the central monetization back office for your software, SaaS or IoT solutions. Manage software, devices, customers and their usage. Automate software operations processes like version upgrades, customer notifications and software delivery. Manage all monetization models for your software products in a central place, regardless of deployment options.

Drive Recurring Revenue

FlexNet Operations enables you to monetize software effectively and to manage compliance and customer growth. It supports all monetization models – from more traditional perpetual models to flexible subscription and pay-per-use models. Capitalize on new revenue opportunities because FlexNet Operations allows you to:

  • Implement all available monetization models from on-premises to cloud
  • Track and manage compliance
  • Measure usage as a basis for pricing
  • Optimize the trial to buy process
  • Dynamically create product configurations (like standard and light versions)
  • Change features on demand and monetize premium features
  • Know exactly who is using what so you can monetize effectively

FlexNet Operations Technical Resources

Run A Successful Software Business

Packaging, pricing, deployment and provisioning options are always changing. Customer use rights (entitlements) change as well – assets move within the company because customers upgrade or downgrade their packages or they go through M&A or divestitures. FlexNet Operations manages the dynamic nature of software entitlements. You get the needed insight to make the connection between your software products, your devices, your customers and their usage.

  • Maximize revenue from upgrades and renewals
  • Reduce churn and drive upsell/cross-sell initiatives based on usage insight
  • Make strategic decisions for future product development and pricing
  • Streamline operational processes and automate transactions, notifications and reports
  • Manage your on-premises, Cloud, SaaS, virtualized and embedded apps in one central monetization back office


A Modular Software Operations Solution That Meets Your Demands

FlexNet Operations is a modular system that can be tailored to your needs. The platform comes with a solid base product and six optional modules that have been developed based on Flexera’s deep and extensive understanding of the software and IoT industries and the specific demands of today’s software suppliers.

Usage Management Usage-based monetization models are on the rise – use accurate and transparent meters

Pay-per-use, pay-per-outcome, pay-for-overage – software suppliers try to better align pricing with what is really used. Both pure usage-based models and hybrid models with a usage component depend on accurate metering.

  • Support usage-based models and offer trust-but-verify software licensing and compliance models
  • Offer pricing based on actual usage (pay-for-use, pay-for-burst, pay-for-overage, etc.)
  • Provide visibility and transparency – enable buyers to access their usage date themselves
  • Support compliance initiatives
  • Export usage data for billing, pattern analysis and optimization

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Electronic Software Delivery Deliver software to your customers – fast, reliable and secure

Get ready for more frequent updates, larger file sizes and a better user experience. Flexera’s Electronic Software Delivery is based on Akamai’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) and manages close to 100 million downloads per year.

  • Deliver software electronically, based on customer entitlements. Make sure that only eligible customers receive downloads and upgrades
  • Automate the fulfilment of export compliance requirements
  • Choose your delivery centre – in the US or in Europe
  • Track downloads automatically and accurately so you know who is using what

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