FlexNet Operations

Entitlement Management for Managing the Software License Lifecycle and Use Rights for Apps on Devices

Software License Lifecycle Management for All Your Products

FlexNet Operations software lifecycle management provides a comprehensive software entitlement management system that empowers application producers to enhance customer satisfaction, provide deep customer insight and efficiently manage the entire license lifecycle of software, entitlements and devices. Available as an on-premises or cloud, software-as-a-service deployment, FlexNet Operations enables rapid product configuration to support the full software licensing spectrum, from strict enforcement to usage-based trust but verify software license compliance models.

FlexNet Operations provides software lifecycle management capabilities that enable application producers to reduce costs by automating software, entitlement and license lifecycle processes, including software delivery and license activation through a self-service portal.

Managing licenses and entitlements throughout the entire software lifecycle is a daunting task. Homegrown or legacy software entitlement management tools might work initially, but can rarely grow to meet the changing needs of the software and intelligent device industries. FlexNet Operations provides a single, end-to-end entitlement management solution, from license lifecycle management for software, entitlements and devices, to software delivery and updates to configuration.

Only FlexNet Operations provides you with the ability to view and administer entitlements across all your products (on-premises, SaaS, cloud, virtualized and embedded applications) and license key generators, whether they support Flex, homegrown, or any third-party software licensing technology. It helps you increase your upgrade revenue by proactively tracking and reporting on software entitlements, subscriptions, version levels, expiring software licenses, and support contracts regardless of the technology used.

FlexNet Operations helps increase revenue and reduce costs by enhancing the customer's experience with efficient software lifecycle management. It leverages Flexera Software's 25+ years of industry experience serving the software licensing, software entitlement management and delivery needs of over 3,000 application producers in over 20,000 applications.

FlexNet Operations is a key component of the FlexNet Producer Suite, and is offered as a cloud, Software as a Service or as an on-premises solution.

Build New Revenue Streams with Flexible Software Licensing Models

  • Software lifecycle management helps capitalize on revenue opportunities by enabling you to quickly create new product configurations and license models – without involving your IT or development staff
  • Supports on-premises, SaaS, cloud, virtualized and embedded applications across the full software licensing spectrum, from strict enforcement to trust but verify software licensing and compliance models, including subscription and pay-for-use models
  • Helps you to slash inventory costs by using software entitlement management, licensing, and software lifecycle management to easily create and manage products (with FlexNet Advanced Lifecycle Management)

Increase Customer Satisfaction

  • Software entitlement management solutions empower you, your customers and your channel partners with a 24x7 Web-based self-service portal
  • Enables you to easily return, modify, and rehost licenses and reassign entitlements, subscriptions and device capabilities at any time without calling support staff
  • Tracks which division or location owns the licenses so they can share or redistribute the licenses as needed (with FlexNet Advanced Organization Management)

Better Understand Customers and Boost Sales with Rich Reporting Data

  • Includes rich reporting capabilities that give you deep customer insight into who is receiving entitlements for what product
  • Shows the ratio of entitlements to software activations, how often entitlements are being returned and re-hosted, as well as which customers are requesting temporary licenses
  • Enables you to maximize revenue by giving sales real-time data on upcoming renewal opportunities

Ease the Pain of Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Provides a single, unified view for administering entitlements across all your license generators, whether they support Flex, homegrown, or any third-party software licensing technology
  • Simplifies back-office integration issues that come with mergers and acquisitions
  • Streamlines order entry, license generation, fulfillment, and change requests by integrating FlexNet Operations with your ERP and CRM systems

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Support All Monetization Models

FlexNet Operations supports the widest range of monetization models in the industry, from perpetual to subscription and pay-per-use. Drive the move to subscription and consumption based models for your SaaS and on-premises applications.

Automate Software Operations Processes

Scale your digital business and automate operational processes. Benefit from usage insights and know which customer is using what product and what features. Guarantee an excellent service delivery and avoid disruptions. Notify customers about new versions or upcoming renewals and offer grace periods to provide a continuous service.

Entitlement Lifecycle Management

Cut operational costs by automating the generation, fulfillment and activation of entitlements; create, update, transfer and split entitlements and line items; and notify customers as version upgrades are available. Upsell and renew customers based on business rules such as maintenance status and product relationships.

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