FlexNet Usage Capture

Enable Pay-for Use Models with Usage-Based Trust but Verify Software Licensing and Compliance Models

Offer Usage-Based Software Licensing and Software Monetization Models

Recently, many enterprise customers have indicated that (for some products and in some markets) they want to move to a usage-based trust but verify software licensing and compliance management model. This coupled with the industry shift from perpetual to subscription points to the fact that enterprise IT wants to:

  • Pay for only what they use and reduce shelf-ware via usage-based software licensing
  • Stop disruptive software audits
  • Stay in compliance
  • Throttle department license usage based on project needs
  • Optimize software spend
  • Purchase software how they buy in their personal lives
  • Simplify the licensing experience
  • Gain visibility and monetize over-use from virtualized environments

The bottom line is that there is no simple or singular software licensing model that meets all needs: whether it’s usage-based software licensing or traditional software monetization models. In fact, to thrive in today's competitive environment, you need the flexibility to support the full software licensing spectrum.

When you couple FlexNet Licensing (FlexNet Embedded) software licensing with FlexNet Usage Capture and FlexNet Operations Cloud entitlement management with FlexNet Usage Management you have the ability to collect usage data for SaaS and on-premises (connected and disconnected) software/devices, including the ability to:

  • Support usage-based trust but verify software licensing and compliance models
  • Support usage capture for on-premises software running within an enterprise firewall or data center
  • Capture usage events
  • Enable support for the full software licensing spectrum from strict enforcement to usage-based trust but verify
Software Licensing Spectrum

Learn more about FlexNet Licensing (FlexNet Embedded).


Enhanced Usage Capture Support

Application producers can enforce application usage sharing (report back) by querying the local license server to identify the last time data was shared, the queued amount and then implement business policies to reduce loss from overuse, ensure continuous compliance and increase revenues.

Enhanced Capture Usage Events

Send usage data from cloud, SaaS and on-premises applications to FlexNet Operations (entitlement management system) to enable usage and consumption-based models.

Data capture units of measure include:

  • # of compilations
  • # of characters translated
  • # of drawings rendered
  • # of CPU minutes
  • # of data converted
  • # of gigs stored
  • # of email messages sent
  • # of campaigns managed
  • # of pictures sent

Enhanced Selective License Checkout

Selective license checkout increases producers’ licensing flexibility by extending license policies on checkout based on vendor-specific configurations. Further, features and quantity can be checked-out incrementally as they’re needed (just-in-time) which increases application development efficiency and performance.

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