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Success Story

Prsym Partners with Flexera Software to Transform from Hardware to Software-Centric Model

The Software Monetization solution from Flexera Software enabled Prysm to move from a hardware-centric, perpetual licensing model to a more software-centric model that allows charging by user, by feature type and by consumption.

Success Story

ADVA Implements the Software Monetization Platform from Trust Partner

The Software Monetization platform from Flexera Software provides ADVA with flexible licensing, the ability to manage use rights and deliver a positive customer experience.

Success Story

PolySync Partners with Flexera Software to Deliver on Their Software Monetization Strategy

The Software Monetization solution from Flexera Software enabled PolySync to sefely, flexibly and reliably licence its software platform PolySync to its customers, provide 24x& self-service and manage the entire license lifecycle.

Convey Computer Delivers Value with FlexNet Producer Suite

Success Story

Discover how Convey Computer uses FlexNet licensing technology to ship a single, complete version of its hybrid-core system and associated SDK to all customers, selectively enabling/disabling features for both the initial trial and any new requirements that emerge over time.

Sentinel IC Technologies Reaps Immediate 300% Return On Investment in FlexNet Licensing

Success Story

As a global provider of design productivity software for analog semiconductor design, Sentinel IC Technologies is committed to providing state-of-the-art technology to their customers. And increasingly, their customer base is seeking ways to harness the capabilities of cloud and virtualization technologies. This compelled Sentinel IC to search for a solution that allowed them to more effect…

BASIS International Ltd. Automates Its Highly Complex Software Licensing Environment with FlexNet Licensing

Success Story

BASIS International faced an ongoing challenge in keeping its software licensing service strategy secure given the considerable number of product ports. BASIS supports a variety of client/server platforms — from SCO UNIX, Windows, Linux, and other NIX's, to any platform supporting a Java Virtual Machine. BASIS literally supports more than 100 different product ports on various platforms. Managing the licensing of this dynamic and complex landsca…

Success Story

Foray Technologies Uses FlexNet Producer Suite for Monetization

Foray Technologies implemented FlexNet Producer Suite to offer multiple license activation options, address virtual environments and simplify license rehosting.

Flexera Software Uses Cloud Licensing Service to Protect FlexNet Connect Add-ons

Success Story

FlexNet Licensing, FlexNet operations and FlexNet Cloud Licensing Service was used to protect revenue, simplify activation and make licensing transparent.

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