FlexNet Licensing: Resources

Application Security and IP Protection


FlexNet Cloud Licensing Service


Eliminate the headache of managing local license servers.

FlexNet Licensing Datasheet


Protect and monetize your IP with flexible software licensing–on-premises, SaaS, cloud, virtualized and embedded applications.

Licensing-as-a-Service Is an Integral Component of the IaaS Cloud Fabric


Microsoft Azure and Flexera Software working together.

Compliance Management Solution for Application Producers Datasheet


Protect and monetize your on-premises, cloud, SaaS, virtualized and embedded apps with an array of software licensing service models.

Virtualization Complexities Impact Your Software Licensing Policy


FlexNet Licensing enables software vendors to embrace machine virtualization by providing various means to enforce software licensing on virtual machines. This white paper describes approaches and technologies available today and looks into those being considered in the future to address machine virtualization.

Application Security for Apps and Devices


Application protection is effective when applied in layers and adopted at all stages of the software/device lifecycle. Nevertheless, security threats lurk everywhere and are always a risk. Self-healing and self-updating capabilities should be part of your security approach as well!

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