FlexNet Licensing: Features

Monetize and Protect Your IP with Robust Software Licensing Technology–On-Premises, SaaS, Cloud, Virtualized and Embedded Applications



New Pay-for-Overage Support

Application producers using FlexNet Publisher can effectively monetize product overuse by capturing and reporting the overage based on the count and duration of the overage session(s) using FlexNet Operations.

By implementing the pay-for-overage model producers are able to:

  • Capture overage using the (FlexNet Publisher) license server
  • Provide a portal for end users to view their overage and usage trends
  • Leverage IT integration tools to automate the generation of invoices on a monthly, quarterly or yearly schedule

Requires the purchase of FlexNet Usage Capture, FlexNet Operations and FlexNet Usage Management.

Flexible Software Licensing Service Models

Support for the most popular software licensing service models to protect your IP and enforce business rules. Examples include subscription, time-limited, capacity-based, feature-based, hardware-locked, node-locked, concurrent/floating, follow-the-sun/time-zone restricted, volume, borrowed/offline, and trial/evaluation licensing.

Efficient In-Product and Volume License Activation Support

Ability to allow in-product activation in a restricted computing environment such as a "dark site". Reduces instances of ‘casual copying’ or ‘softlifting’. Support for post-license lifecycle management (secure re-host, upgrade, and renew) and license return and transfer in a secure manner. Provides secure in-product activation over the Internet, “hands-free" activation (patent-pending activation technology), offline product activation, and license activation in a virtual environment. Supports trial and emergency software license models to ensure maximum uptime by providing business-critical support for customers.

Protect Software and Prevent Unauthorized Copying

Minimize piracy risk and maximize revenue with additional security layers utilizing Flexera Software’s patent-pending Tamper Resistant Application functionality that provides defense against reverse engineering.

Flexible Machine Fingerprinting

Support customization of vendor-specific binding. Offer flexible levels of security to bind a software license to a unique host fingerprint of a machine, for example: MAC address, disk serial number, BIOS serial number, dongle, hostname and IP.

Broad Platform Support

Common licensing interface on every major platform, including: Linux/Unix, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Windows Server, Apple OS X, and platform-independent Java. Support both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of most operating systems.

High Availability Support

Support standby software license servers for high availability when primary license server goes down.

Enhanced Virtualization Support

Monetize and protect applications in virtual environments by ensuring enterprise customers stay in compliance through cloning detection and prevention. With detect-and-deny, detect-and-report back (“call home”) and virtual machine cloning prevention, producers can feel confident that they are being paid for the use of their intellectual property.

  • Detect and prevent accidental software compliance issues caused by the use of virtual machines with detect-and-deny and detect-and-report back (“call home”) to the entitlement management system. Supported hypervisors include VMware ESX/ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer, VMware Workstation, KVM, Oracle Virtual Box, and Parallels. Producers can set policies for specific hypervisors. Requires a FlexNet Publisher Virtualization Platform purchase.
  • Minimize risk of accidental out-of-compliance issues when enterprise customers move from a physical to a virtual infrastructure and move virtual machines across different datacenters. By leveraging Microsoft Virtual Machine Generation ID to minimize risk of out of compliance due to virtual machine cloning, producers can feel confident their intellectual property is being protected and monetized. Includes support for both Certificate and Trusted Storage licensing. Requires a FlexNet Publisher Virtualization Platform purchase.

Programming Language Support

Software licensing support for popular development programming languages: C/C++, Java.

FlexNet ID Dongle

Provide software protection by limiting or locking software access to your system. Works in conjunction with FlexNet Licensing to enhance security as a form of hostid. The dongle is a serialized hardware key that attaches to a parallel or USB port. A FlexNet ID dongle is automatically supported as a valid hostid by any FlexEnabled application. Separate module—use with FlexNet Licensing and requires additional purchase.

For additional information or to order dongles, contact flexid@flexerasoftware.com. Read the FlexNet ID Dongle FAQs for more information on the FlexNet ID Dongle Drivers v2.0.

2GB Flash Dongle Support

Allows application producers to bind a software license to a portable device. The license is stored and can be easily moved from one machine to another. Enables the producer to store additional data—up to 2GB—without having to re-deploy or update their licensed application. Separate module—use with FlexNet Licensing and requires additional purchase.

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