FlexNet Licensing: Features

Monetize and Protect Your IP with Robust Software Licensing Technology–On-Premises, SaaS, Cloud, Virtualized and Embedded Applications



Flexible Software Licensing Models

Support for the most popular software licensing models to protect your IP and enforce business rules. Software licensing models supported include subscription, time-limited, capacity-based, feature-based, hardware-locked, node-locked, concurrent/floating, follow-the-sun/time-zone restricted, volume, borrowed/offline, pay-per-use, and trial/evaluation licensing.

Efficient In-Product and Volume License Activation Support

Enable users to activate license servers in a single step; provide secure license return and transfer; reduce instances of ‘casual copying’ or ‘softlifting’; support for secure online and offline in-product license activation; and streamline device provisioning in manufacturing environments.

Protect Software and Prevent Unauthorized Copying

Minimize piracy risk, maximize revenue and strengthen IP (intellectual property) protection with additional security layers utilizing Flexera Software’s patent-pending Tamper Resistant Application functionality that provides protection against hacking and software piracy through sophisticated detection and identification of unauthorized use. Supported platforms include Apple OS X, Microsoft Windows and Linux.

  • Mitigate the risk of reverse engineering by providing maximum protection against static analysis through code obfuscation that controls the flow of software and application data that may contain sensitive information.
  • Ensure application integrity and block tampering through innovative techniques that detect modification of the application in memory and on disk and provides an option to create “call-home” notification alerts.
  • Establish secure barriers against debuggers and application signature spoofing to counteract reverse engineering attempts.

Dramatically Speed Your Development Cycle with the XT SDK

Integrated and complete SDK optimized for use on general-purpose operating systems. Pre-built hardware abstraction layer (HAL) implementation for Windows and Linux. Built-in networking API support for Java, .NET and C/C++. Support for offline license activation with keyboard access allows secure activation of an application in a restricted computing environment.

Broad Platform Support

Support a wide range of embedded and mobile operating systems, including Android, Apple OS X, VxWorks, Embedded Linux on ARM, MIPS and PPC, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Windows Server, Windows Embedded (CE), as well as proprietary operating systems that require a small footprint and extreme flexibility to fine tune to exact requirements for target embedded markets. Common licensing interface on every major platform, including Linux/Unix, Windows, Apple, and platform-independent Java. Support both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of most operating systems.

Virtualization Support

Ensure your enterprise customers stay in compliance when cloning or copying virtual machines across datacenters with detect-and-deny and detect-and-report back (“call home”) capabilities. Producers can feel confident that they are being paid for the use of their intellectual property.

  • Detect and prevent accidental software compliance issues caused by the use of virtual machines with detect-and-deny. Supported hypervisors include: VMware ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix XenServer. Producers can set policies for specific hypervisors. Requires a FlexNet Embedded Virtualization Platform purchase.
  • Capture and send usage data to the back-office entitlement management server to ensure your customer stays in compliance (recommended for connected environments). Use with FlexNet Usage Capture, FlexNet Operations Cloud and FlexNet Usage Management; requires additional purchase.

FlexNet Embedded License Server

Empower your enterprise administrators to centralize and efficiently manage licenses to reduce costs and simplify complex software license management tasks. The self-packaged, out-of-the-box, Java-based local license server requires minimal setup and provides administrator tools. FlexNet Embedded License Server helps the administrator manage both enforcement and usage-based licenses across the enterprise.

FlexNet Embedded License Server Administrator Tools
Your customers can leverage new FlexNet Embedded License Server Administrator Tools to automate complex licensing tasks. Using a simple, intuitive interface, your customers can save time and reduce manual steps by integrating and reusing batch files or scripts to automate complex tasks.

High Availability Support

Support standby software license servers for high availability when primary license server goes down. Support license server synchronization for recovery from catastrophic server failure. If the primary local server fails, its replacement can request the backed-up state information be restored.

Web-based Administrator Console

Enable end customers to monitor, administer and manage software license servers.

Programming Language Support

Software licensing support for popular development programming languages: C/C++, Java, .NET.

FlexNet Cloud Licensing Service

Simplify your enterprise customer’s license management experience by enabling software license enforcement and usage-based licensing management for both on-premises and cloud-based applications in an environment hosted by Flexera Software. Requires FlexNet Embedded, FlexNet Operations Cloud and FlexNet Usage Management. For details go to FlexNet Cloud Licensing Service.

FlexNet Usage Capture

To support the movement toward usage-based licensing models and enterprises’ desire to pay for only what they use, FlexNet Usage Capture collects usage data in both connected and disconnected (not able to report usage to back-office) environments. You have the ability to capture usage events from cloud, SaaS, and on-premises applications and send usage data to FlexNet Operations (entitlement management system) to enable usage and consumption-based models. Support for C/C++, .NET and Java programming languages. Requires FlexNet Embedded, FlexNet Operations Cloud and FlexNet Usage Management. For details go to FlexNet Usage Capture.

FlexNet ID Dongle

Provide software protection by limiting or locking software access to your system. Works in conjunction with FlexNet Licensing to enhance security as a form of hostid. The dongle is a serialized hardware key that attaches to a parallel or USB port. A FlexNet ID dongle is automatically supported as a valid hostid by any FlexEnabled application. Separate module—requires FlexNet Licensing. For details go to FlexNet ID Dongle

For additional information or to order dongles, contact flexid@flexerasoftware.com. Read the FlexNet ID Dongle FAQs for more information on the FlexNet ID Dongle Drivers v2.0.

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