FlexNet Licensing

Application Security and IP Protection

Monetize and Protect Your Applications with Flexible, Robust and Secure Software Licensing Technology

Software licensing is the driver behind recurring revenue and application protection. To monetize their products and protect them against overuse and piracy, software suppliers and IoT companies need a flexible and robust licensing technology.

FlexNet Licensing technologies - FlexNet Publisher and FlexNet Embedded - are the de-facto standard for software licensing and compliance management:

  • Grow market share and prevent revenue loss
  • Be flexible and monetize more effectively
  • Manage customer compliance
  • Enable secure activation mechanisms for software and devices
  • Rely on the standard for secure, flexible and robust licensing

Monetize More Effectively

Without secure and robust licensing technology, software suppliers risk revenue loss, can’t protect their IP and struggle to implement new business models. Our complete Software Monetization Platform provides application security and protection at every stage of the software lifecycle. FlexNet Licensing enables the implementation of new business models and helps you adapt to new market needs quickly.

  • Support All Monetization Models on All Platforms
    FlexNet Licensing supports the widest range of monetization models in the industry, including: locked, floating, named-user, subscription, capacity, metered, pay-for-use, pay-for-overage, time-limited and many more. It works across all platforms, either as SDK built into your application technology, or as a flexible web services framework.
  • Define Your Compliance Model
    FlexNet Licensing enables you to easily configure your compliance model. You can implement anything from strict enforcement to trust-but-verify programs.
  • Support Flexible Packaging, Bundling and Feature Monetization
    FlexNet Licensing makes it very easy to define features, packages, bundles and suites. In fact, you can:
    • React to customer’s needs and create different product options
    • Switch features on and off electronically
    • Differentiate your products through efficient licensing technology
  • Enable Usage-based Monetization or Compliance Models
    Know what products and features your customers are using, and how much. Armed with valuable usage insight, you can implement usage-based monetization models or just measure usage to detect overuse, manage compliance or learn about usage patterns that will give you great insight for future product development.

FlexNet Licensing Technical Resources

Protect Your Applications

FlexNet Licensing protects your products against revenue loss by ensuring only licensed and credentialed users can access your products. You can technically implement and enforce your software licensing terms without impacting usability and customer satisfaction.

  • Protect Against Hacking and Piracy
    FlexNet Licensing provides multiple layers of application protection. Add tamper-resistance to your code, install safeguards against unauthorized access to your software, use secure activation mechanisms, detect hacking and overuse and react accordingly.
  • Protect and Monetize in Virtual Environments
    Flexera has collaborated with virtualization platform providers to provide the richest set of licensing capabilities in virtual environments. FlexNet Licensing detects virtual machine cloning and will react as defined in your compliance model (deny or report).
  • Enable Activation for Software and Devices
    Activation processes not only protect your applications but also establish a direct connection to your product’s users. Device manufacturers in the Internet of Things make a direct connection to their end users and can ensure that only original devices can be activated, which stops grey market abuse.


FlexNet Embedded

Benefit from Flexera’s next generation licensing technology with support for all platforms and all monetization models. FlexNet Embedded is a small footprint SDK that works with software applications – on-premises, cloud, virtualized or mobile – as well as with embedded software on devices.
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FlexNet Publisher

FlexNet Publisher is the de facto standard for software licensing, used by thousands of software suppliers to license and protect their applications. It supports a variety of monetization models, captures usage and offers advanced protection like tamper-resistance.
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FlexNet Usage Capture

Support usage-based monetization models and fulfil your customers’ wish to pay only for what they use. FlexNet Usage Capture collects usage data in connected and offline environments. Capture usage events from cloud, SaaS, and on-premises applications and send usage data to FlexNet Operations to enable usage and consumption-based models.
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