FlexNet Electronic Software Delivery

Eliminate Physical Fulfillment Costs by Electronically Delivering your Software

Save Costs with Electronic Software Delivery

Today's application producers need the power to cost-effectively distribute their products to customers worldwide. Many producers ship software via CD or DVD, which is expensive, or build rudimentary download sites that are expensive to maintain and a burden to use.

Fulfilling software via physical media incurs freight, assembly, warehousing and management costs. Studies show that these costs add up to $30 per unit on average and may account for 3-4 percent of product line revenues. Many homegrown FTP sites are not secure and typically provide no way to enforce entitlements or track who has downloaded your software. Electronic software delivery (or electronic software distribution) is a way to solve these challenges quickly and efficiently.

When you couple FlexNet Operations Cloud entitlement management with FlexNet Electronic Software Delivery you can eliminate physical fulfillment costs and ensure that only customers that are entitled to use your software can download it. Unlike homegrown download sites, it allows only customers with current maintenance or with a valid subscription to electronically download your software products.

With FlexNet Electronic Software Delivery entitlement-based software distribution you can:

  • Eliminate physical fulfillment costs by electronically delivering your software to customers
  • Protect maintenance and subscription revenues by allowing only customers current on maintenance or subscription to download software and updates
  • Improve customer satisfaction by delivering software and updates to customers via a 24x7 self-service portal
  • Increase cross-sell and up-sell revenues – by reporting on your customer's download activity at a product version level
  • Ensure compliance with complex software export regulations, revenue recognition, and data privacy rules
  • Accelerate revenue recognition – many producers and intelligent device manufacturers can recognize revenues as soon as end customers finish downloading their software
  • Provide rapid implementation, high-uptime operational service levels, along with Web services for data access and integration to ERP/CRM systems
  • Be confident with world class SAS-70 certified Software as a Service (SaaS) infrastructure
  • Leverage tax savings by delivering software from tax-advantaged locations

FlexNet Electronic Software Delivery also helps solve business issues for your end users with:

  • Proactive email notification – send personalized and timely notice of new releases, upgrades and patches, automatically
  • Personalized on-line software archive – your customers can access 24/7 mission-critical rebuilds
  • Provide 24/7 self-service capability for customers
  • Localize experience through download sites in any language of your choosing

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Entitlement-driven Software Delivery

Ensure that software, updates, patches, licenses and documentation are made available to customers that are entitled to them. Target product releases and patches to specific end customer accounts without going through an order management process.

Enforce Export Compliance

Enforce Bureau of Industry and Security (US Department of Commerce) regulations related to export of software applications with compliance reporting.

Support for File Download and Upload

End users can download applications using their browsers, Flexera software’s download manager, or Akamai Content Delivery Network. Producers can upload files via browser Flexera software’s upload manager, FTP server or/and Aspera High Speed File Transfer client.

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