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Software Updates and Analytics


Success Story

FedEx Services Uses FlexNet Connect to Push Out Software Updates

FlexNet Connect was implemented to help FedEx Service publish software updates, message customers directly and gather importance use information.

Success Story

Leading Audio Electronics Company Captures Customer Use Insights

This leading audio electronics company implemented Software Monetization solutions from Flexera Software to capture use insights from their customer base and deliver software updates effortlessly.

Success Story

PolySync Partners with Flexera Software to Deliver on Their Software Monetization Strategy

The Software Monetization solution from Flexera Software enabled PolySync to sefely, flexibly and reliably licence its software platform PolySync to its customers, provide 24x& self-service and manage the entire license lifecycle.

Earthlink: EarthLink increases customer satisfaction with FlexNet Connect

Success Story

"FlexNet Connect makes it easy for us to deliver software updates and data updates to all our users thereby increasing customer satisfaction and eliminating costly support calls. It also enables us to increase revenue by understanding our customers’ needs better and by enhancing customer communication." Steven Huey Director of Software Products

FutureSource: FlexNet Connect solves electronic software update challenges for leading financial data provider

Success Story

"FlexNet Connect has completely streamlined our updating process, and the built-in reporting features allow us to ensure all of our end users receive critical updates." Jim Ekstrand Product Manager

Thomson Reuters Eikon: FlexNet Connect Helps Financial Software Deliver Value 24/7

Success Story

FlexNet Connect enabled Thomson Reuters to release their Thomson Reuters Eikon financial software product with best-in-class software update capabilities that give their customers peace of mind that their real-time financial desktop software will be up-to-date and operational 24/7.

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