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How the World Builds MSI and EXE Installers and UWP and WSA Packages for Windows Applications


Your Fast Track to Profit in the Windows Store


In this webinar, product marketing experts from Microsoft and Flexera Software show how you can easily repackage your InstallShield apps for acceptance into the Windows Store to reach more customers – and expand your earning potential.

Project Centennial: A Bridge to the Future of Desktop Installations


Learn how Microsoft’s Project Centennial technology applies to developing installations with InstallShield.

Installation Best Practices: 5 Tips for Building Upgrades, Updates and Patches


Creating software updates is standard procedure for virtually every software company in the world. Knowing the best practices to follow when creating and deploying an update-friendly Windows Installer (MSI) installation goes a long way to ensuring a smooth, successful update experience for your end users down the road.

Push Updates & Patches, Install Base Intelligence & More: A FlexNet Connect Webinar for InstallShield Customers


Join us for this free Webinar which will include an overveiew of the benefits of FlexNet Connect, as well as use cases to help you reap the benefits of your FlexNet Connect On-Demand Subscription Offer.


What’s New in InstallShield 2018


Learn about the latest enhancements to InstallShield 2018. This release showcases InstallShield 2018 as your first line of defense against OSS security and IP compliance risks with a quick scan of your project.

InstallShield Standalone Build


Watch this Webinar to learn about the InstallShield Standalone Build, its benefits, and how it is licensed.

Application Virtualization: What Developers Should Know


What are the benefits of offering your products as virtual applications? Watch this webinar and find out for yourself.

Agile and Installation Development: Supporting Agile Projects with Flexible Installation


Special guest speaker Peter Varhol discusses the importance of a professional crossplatform installer package as part of an agile process. Discover how to optimize installation development in an agile product development effort.

Agility and Cloud Development: How Agility in Development Supports Cloud Development and Installation Practices


Learn how agility in development supports the Enterprise transformation, including cloud development and installation practices. You will also hear how seamless build and installation of new application versions to the cloud accelerates the ability of teams to get new features into the hands of users, which can in turn accelerate transformation and users have greater capabilities to support new business processes.         &nbs…

Best Practices for Building Installations in Visual Studio 2010


Watch this Webinar to learn best practices for building reliable Windows Installer (MSI) installations inside the Visual Studio 2010 interface.

Get Installations Ready for Windows 7


Make sure your installations are compatible with Windows 7 by watching this webinar. It highlights the new features of Windows 7 and Windows Installer 5 impacting your installations and presents solutions on how to overcome the potential pitfalls.

Expanding Agile Practices to Software Installation Development


Watch this Webinar from Visual Studio Magazine to learn how to build software installations according to agile best practices.                     

Why Concurrent Licenses Are the Best Value for InstallShield and InstallAnywhere Users


Are you having trouble moving node-locked licenses (per user, per desktop) of InstallShield and InstallAnywhere from computer to computer? Watch this brief Webinar to learn about the value of concurrent licenses. Concurrent licenses can be used on any PC by any developer in any office. No headaches, no wasting time. Also available in Japanese.

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