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How the World Builds MSI and EXE Installers and UWP and WSA Packages for Windows Applications


Realtek: Streamlines Production and Improves Compliance with InstallShield Concurrent Licensing

Success Story

Global semiconductor provider turns to InstallShield concurrent licensing to streamline production, ensure compliance and improve overall efficiency and collaboration across business processes.

Trend Micro: Creating installers 50% faster with InstallShield Concurrent Licensing

Success Story

See how this global leader in IT security significantly increases the speed of installation development, improves customer satisfaction and enhances market competitiveness.

Video Surveillance Product Supplier Improves Installation Development Efficiency Through Concurrent Licensing Model

Success Story

Learn how the InstallShield Concurrent Licensing model helps this leading video surveillance supplier create a highly efficient packaging and installation process and shift development focus to product improvements.

Clearion Software: Converted from Competitor’s Installer to Increase Reliability and Save Time

Success Story

Learn why Clearion Software switched from a competitor to InstallShield for its ease-of-use and intuitive flexibility when building installers.

iPass: Growing Revenue by Generating Installers that Meet Critical Requirements of Enterprise Customers

Success Story

Learn why iPass switched to InstallShield to generate installers.

NetApp: Developed Reliable Software Installations 70% Faster

Success Story

Learn how NetApp switched from WiX to InstallShield in order to develop reliable software installations 70% faster.

Global Business Process Outsourcing Provider: Delivered a Professional and Reliable Install Experience

Success Story

A global business outsourcing provider contracted by the Federal Government to develop a major application with complex requirements and an extremely tight deadline delivers a quick, professional and reliable install with the help of InstallShield and Flexera Software’s Global Consulting Services.

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