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Create Multiplatform Installations from a Single Project File – Physical, Cloud, and Virtual Environments, Plus Docker Containers


What’s New in InstallAnywhere 2017


New and enhanced features in InstallAnywhere 2017 help simplify complex multiplatform installations for cloud and virtual environments, streamline UI development, and support the sharing of Docker images. Watch this webinar to learn more.

Deploy Complex Apps in a Whole New Way


Learn how to build traditional multiplatform installations, virtual appliances, and Docker images all from a single project file using InstallAnywhere.

Best Practices for Building Linux Installers


Linux developers, stop building RPM packages that don't install properly. Watch this Webinar to learn how to build professional Linux installers fast that install reliably on Red Hat, SUSE, Ubuntu, and more.

Why Concurrent Licenses Are the Best Value for InstallShield and InstallAnywhere Users


Are you having trouble moving node-locked licenses (per user, per desktop) of InstallShield and InstallAnywhere from computer to computer? Watch this brief Webinar to learn about the value of concurrent licenses. Concurrent licenses can be used on any PC by any developer in any office. No headaches, no wasting time. Also available in Japanese.

Agile and Installation Development: Supporting Agile Projects with Flexible Installation


Special guest speaker Peter Varhol discusses the importance of a professional crossplatform installer package as part of an agile process. Discover how to optimize installation development in an agile product development effort.

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