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Create Multiplatform Installations from a Single Project File – Physical, Cloud, and Virtual Environments, Plus Docker Containers


Websense: Reliably Installs their Solution on Multiple Platforms using InstallAnywhere

Success Story

Websense uses InstallAnywhere to reliably install their Websense Web Security solution on Windows, Linux, and V-Series Websense appliances. InstallAnywhere simplifies and streamlines software development by enabling Websense to build a single installation project that works for every platform they target. The InstallAnywhere installer also provides Websense's end users with a reliable and professional installation experience.

Yantra Delivers Flexible and Intuitive Installations with InstallAnywhere

Success Story

Yantra Corporation, the leading provider of distributed commerce management solutions, uses InstallAnywhere to deliver its Distributed Commerce Management applications to customers quickly and easily.

Vitria: Enhancing the User Experience Starting with the Installation Process

Success Story

Using InstallAnywhere, Vitria now simplifies the process of creating installers for its software products. By reducing the time spent creating an installer by 75 percent, the company creates a simpler process that decreases time to market, overall maintenance, overhead cost, and resources spent on coding.

Moai Creates Flexible and Intuitive Installations with InstallAnywhere

Success Story

Moai Technologies, a leading e-sourcing infrastructure provider, uses InstallAnywhere to deliver its enterprise-class LiveExchange and CompleteSource solutions to customers anywhere, on multiple platforms.

McCabe and Associates Creates Flexible, Multi-Platform Installations with InstallAnywhere

Success Story

McCabe & Associates, the leading provider of software configuration management, defect tracking, testing, and quality assurance solutions to the software development community, relies on InstallAnywhere to install and configure its TRUEchange™ TRUEtrack™ and Release Rocket Verify™ products to customers worldwide.

Infragistics Creates Flexible and Intuitive Installations with InstallAnywhere

Success Story

Infragistics, an established leader in providing components and professional services for the accomplished developer, relies on the InstallAnywhere multiplatform installer to install and configure its JSuite, PowerChart Server Edition, and LeadServer products to customers worldwide.

BEA Creates Easy-to-Install Software with InstallAnywhere

Success Story

Here's how BEA, one of the world's leading software providers, uses the InstallAnywhere crossplatform installer to deliver flexible installation solutions to its end-users quickly and easily.

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