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Create Multiplatform Installations from a Single Project File – Physical, Cloud, and Virtual Environments, Plus Docker Containers


Create Multiplatform Installations for Virtually Any Platform

InstallAnywhere crossplatform installer was built to solve the unique complexity involved in multiplatform installations. It’s the tool that developers turn to for a highly professional and consistent cross installation experience across multiple environments. The multiplatform installer solution’s powerful functionality ensures that your software makes the best possible impression right from the start.

  • Creates installations that are reliable, every time
  • Supports all sorts of platforms
  • Ideal for experienced and new users
  • Streamlines installation development—easy-to-use interface and flexible options
  • Supports physical and virtual environments
  • Create both Docker images and traditional multiplatform installers from a single InstallAnywhere project
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Premier with Virtualization and Cloud

  Easy-to-use multiplatform installation solution World’s most powerful multiplatform installation solution World’s top multiplatform solution plus cloud
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Saves time creating multiplatform installations X X X
Supports the latest platforms, including Windows 10 X X X
Offers Java 8 support for Apple OS-X X X X
Provides efficient user interface X X X
Supports platform specific installation requirements X X X
Helps avoid risk exposure and non-compliance X X X
Supports multilingual runtimes X X X
Creates standalone builds to support continuous integration X X X
Support Microsoft Certificate Requirements X X X
WYSIWYG designer for installation panels X X X
Define and apply reusable platform rules X X X
Install dependencies from Linux package managers   X X
Supports easier deployment of web applications   X X
Simplifies development and installation of upgrades   X X
Builds enterprise-ready multi-tier virtual appliances     X
Build Docker images from any InstallAnywhere project     X
Offers flexibility to create silent, console, and GUI installations   X X
Reuses shared code through merge modules   X X
Reduces manual steps with automation interface   X X
Creates pure 64-bit installations   X X
Streamlines virtual appliance builds     X
Speeds up cloud-ready virtual appliance creation     X
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