Flexera Software Solutions for Connecting Current to Cloud

Application Producer and Enterprise Solutions to Transition to the Cloud

Intelligent Solutions for Bridging the “Cloud Chasm”

From the enterprise to application producers – Flexera Software enables our more than 80,000 customers to connect their current infrastructure state to the future through solutions that provide a smooth transition to the cloud. Whether you are a cloud novice or expert – Flexera Software can enable your journey to the cloud based on your unique requirements. While the cloud offers many advantages, misuse of the terminology, and evolutionary requirements to move to the cloud have created issues for customers. Flexera Software's cloud asset management solutions bridge the "cloud chasm".

Entitlement and Compliance Management – Burst Across Clouds with Confidence

Flexera Software's FlexNet Publisher and FlexNet Operations teams have teamed with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to address critical software license compliance concerns for customers wanting to move applications or virtual appliances from on-premise clouds to off-premise clouds. Both enterprises and application producers are concerned that inadvertent cloning of virtual machines and corresponding applications could create software license and/or security compliance risks. FlexNet Publisher and FlexNet Operations provide a unique set of capabilities to minimize those risks while maximizing potential revenue.

  • Prevent software license and revenue leakage with license binding: FlexNet Publisher enables software producers to bind licenses to their Amazon virtual machine to prevent unauthorized cloning of protected assets across clouds.
  • Enable and enforce new license models: FlexNet Publisher and FlexNet Operations allow tracking of new models such as Microsoft License mobility across clouds, per-use, burst-of-use-service, or hybrid solutions across client to the cloud. Flexera Software enables over 1,000 license models so customers can tailor-the right approach for their business.
  • Dynamic licensing as a service across clouds: Whether the goal is to provide Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), virtual appliances, virtual applications, or installations through the cloud – Flexera Software enables flexible licensing that binds to virtual environments to ensure utmost security, agility, and flexibility across clouds.
  • Enforce compliance across virtual machines and appliances: To prevent inadvertent cloning or virtual sprawl, FlexNet Publisher allows choice across virtual formats enabling flexibility and control through universally unique IDs that bind to the virtual machine (VMware or MS Hyper-V).

Software License Optimization – Foresight, Planning, and Compliance Management

Flexera Software's FlexNet Manager Suite provides unique capabilities that enable the enterprise to calculate their true costs and risks for compliance management from the client to the cloud.

  • Understand what is being used, where and by whom: FlexNet Manager Platform enables reconciliation and reporting on what was used versus purchased across 16,000 publishers and 223,476 applications. Asset reports provide actionable insight on software installations, application usage, and purchased versus installed license reconciliation. Flexera Software's solution provides a complimentary enhancements to current software asset management and reporting tools by reconciling what was purchased versus deployed.
  • Dynamically plan procurement from client to cloud: What software licenses can you burst or migrate from one cloud to another? Should you? Which are good candidates? The best way to plan your cloud asset management project is by accurately understanding usage patterns, license restrictions, and requirements.

Application Readiness – Dynamic Assessment, Conversion, and Publishing to the Cloud

Flexera Software's AdminStudio Suite removes a critical barrier to cloud adoption by automating the assessment, conversion, and publishing of various virtual formats to both physical and cloud environments.

  • Dynamic assessments from client to cloud: AdminStudio Suite provides comprehensive application compatibility toolkit to enable packagers to create the appropriate and predictable route to application virtualization for that application.
  • Confident conversions & migrations: AdminStudio Virtualization Pack provide either single or bulk application packaging conversion to various virtual formats (VMware, Microsoft, Citrix) and prescriptive guidance for packages that are not good conversion candidates.
  • Painless publishing across physical and virtual environments: AdminStudio Suite provides direct publishing capability to all of the major systems management solutions, enabling the publishing of physical and virtual packages across hybrid environments – from the client to cloud.

Whether you are just beginning your cloud asset management journey or you are well on your way – Flexera Software's Application Usage Management solutions connect customers to the cloud by automating protection, monetization, entitlement, compliance, and development operations.