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The Physical to Digital Shift with Software Monetization

Watch the video to see how Alex deploys a Software Monetization strategy that encompasses software licensing, entitlement management, electronic software delivery, in-product analytics and more.


Richard Jenny from ADVA Optical Networking: Why Overture Networks Opted for a Software Monetization Solution

Richard Jenny, Director of Program Management and DevOps at ADVA Optical Networking (fka Overture Networks), discusses why they decided to leverage Flexera Software for their Software Monetization needs instead of building their own software licensing, entitlement management and software update functionality in a "homegrown&…


Stuart Monks from Prysm: Hear Prysm Describe their Software Monetization Selection Factors

Stuart Monks, Vice President, Collaboration Solutions at Prysm describes their primary selection factors including the ability of the solution to integrate into their existing systems as well as scalability to meet their future software licensing needs.


Josh Colton from Tableau Software: Customer Shares Insights on Software Licensing Strategies

Josh Colton, Manager of Licensing Programs at Tableau Software, shares his views on software licensing strategies in making the shift from perpetual- to subscription-based and other software licensing models.


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