Why Work for Flexera Software? Culture

Market-Leading Products, Comprehensive Benefits and Good People

At Flexera Software, we offer an entrepreneurial environment where technology professionals thrive and where individual contributions really count. Our employees create and help shape some of the most cutting edge technologies every day. If you want to work for a leading, multinational technology company, Flexera Software is the place.

Flexera Software cultivates an entrepreneurial and diverse work culture--helping employees thrive and succeed professionally. Our culture is built upon the following values:


We believe in telling it like it is. Politics, spin and delaying bad news have no place in our organization because the only way to solve business problems is to deal with them head on. Talk of titles, full vs. dotted reporting lines, etc. doesn't go down well here. We are direct, we are transparent and we hold each other accountable. Candor also extends to the way in which we deal with our customers. We feel the best way to build longstanding relationships with our customers is to earn their trust by being up front with them.


Flexera Software is a company that is made up of individuals that are passionate about what we do. Installation, Licensing, Entitlement Management and Delivery, Application Readiness and Software License Optimization may not be for everyone, but we devour them and love making our customers successful in these areas. We expect you to be passionate about Flexera Software and what we do so that we are successful both as individuals and as a company.

Professionalism & Ethics

Anyone can have "just" a job. We look for people that strive to "go Pro" and treat their career in the same way a Doctor, Lawyer, Musician, Athlete, etc. does. Professionals constantly strive to upgrade their skill set and improve and people in sales, engineering, accounting, technical support, etc. are no different. We look for people that have a profession and, as such, act accordingly. Finally, we expect everyone at Flexera Software to behave in an ethical manner in everything they do.

Keep Score

Accountability and transparency are vitally important. Regardless of your role, everyone must keep score on how they and their teams are doing against their goals, objectives and commitments to one another. As in sports, we don't always win every game but we always know where we stand relative to the targets, good or bad. It's the only way to measure how we are performing as a company and in taking this approach we win far more often than we lose.

Celebrate Success

Life is short and we work extremely hard to keep our company operating at a high level. We believe in taking the time and/or spending money to celebrate and enjoy our successes though out the year. Doing this recharges our batteries, publicly recognizes people that have done extraordinary things and creates a winning atmosphere at Flexera Software.

Give Back

We strive to engage our employees in activities that increase global thinking and appreciating cultural differences. We expect to give back to the communities in which we do business and the communities that we serve.