Why Work for Flexera Software? Communication

Market-Leading Products, Comprehensive Benefits and Good People

At Flexera Software, we offer an entrepreneurial environment where technology professionals thrive and where individual contributions really count. Our employees create and help shape some of the most cutting edge technologies every day. If you want to work for a leading, multinational technology company, Flexera Software is the place.

While Flexera Software is a private company, we run the business like a public company. We have strong business ethics and manage our financials with a rigor consistent with a private company. We want all of our employees to be aligned with the goals of the company and to be aware of how the company is doing. To that end, we employ a variety of communications vehicles to both share information with our employees and foster dialog.

  • Quarterly All Hands Meetings — at the end of each quarter, the management team holds all hands meetings in each office (remote employees dial in). During these meetings, a great deal of information is shared on the financial performance of the company during the last quarter, review of significant accomplishments across each department, objectives for the coming quarter and much more. This is a great opportunity to ensure that everyone is aware of how the company is doing and to ask questions of the management team.
  • Monthly Company Newsletter — at the beginning of each month a company email newsletter is sent to all employees. Much like the quarterly all hands meetings, the newsletter shares news and information from all departments and product groups. Key customer wins, marketing events, product releases, new hires and much more are shared in the monthly e-newsletter.
  • Department Meetings — department and team meetings are held throughout the year to share information, plan, collaborate and much more. Each team defines the frequency and format of these meetings and many bring in guest speakers from other departments to foster greater collaboration and understanding across teams.
  • Executive Round Tables — when executives travel to our various offices, round table sessions are frequently setup to allow informal communication and feedback. The goal is to allow employees from various departments to meet and interact with the management team to share their feedback and hear the plans and perspectives that the executives can share on their departments, the market and the company.