Who We Are: Our People

A Unique Collection of Talents, Global Experiences and Products

Flexera Software is a unique blend of over 600 people around the globe. Our employees come from varied backgrounds; some having worked at the largest companies such as Microsoft, VMware, Citrix, Accenture, Hewlett-Packard and more and some coming from small startups. We have diverse careers; from finance, consulting, training, marketing, sales, engineering and more. But, together, we’ve built a very successful, profitable and growing company that is making an impact on the industry. We help a very diverse set of customers in industries as diverse as software, industrial automation, financial services and automotive, solve an increasingly strategic problem of managing application usage.

In addition to developing, marketing, selling and supporting our software products and services, we like to actively engage the market in dialog to advance the industry. We’re active participants in industry associations and standards groups, speak at industry conferences and engage in social collaboration and networking via LinkedIn Groups and our own blogs that feature a wide variety of views and insights from many employees and are read by thousands of people every month.

We also give back. Whether it be collecting food for those in need or toys for children, we come together to compete (we typically team up and have competitions to see which group can contribute the most) and give back. We’ve had teams help at Habitat for Humanity and at Food Banks.

And, on regular occasions, we like to celebrate. We recognize anniversaries each month and have various celebrations at each office to mark milestones or special occasions.