Grow your digital business while keeping your customer front and center. Be easy and safe to do business with and deliver a secure product. Make a great first impression with your software.

Software Monetization

Run a Digital Business – and Succeed!

You want to make money from software and devices while protecting your IP? Bring speed, agility and analytics to your software business so you can grow. Use the industry standard to operate your digital business model at scale and stay close to your customers so you are all set for customer success, recurring revenue and world-class renewal rates.

  • See who your customers are, what they’ve bought and what they’re using
  • Deliver software and updates automatically and secure
  • Analyze product usage and leverage product insight
  • Increase customer satisfaction, offer self-service and streamline customer communications

Monetize and protect your digital business

Move to SaaS

You manage the customer lifecycle. Deliver an excellent user experience to grow the number of subscribers and increase renewal rates. And benefit from a centralized view of usage and customer health to support cross-sell and upsell.

  • Control subscriptions for SaaS and on-premises customers
  • Bring new offerings to market quickly
  • Measure any type of usage for billing

Move to SaaS

Monetize and Manage the IoT

Monetize the full IoT stack, from Edge to Cloud and stay in control of your IoT ecosystem:

  • Drive monetization with entitlement-driven business operations
  • Introduce new business models like subscription or pay-per-use
  • Manage software and devices in your IoT ecosystem through feature management and automated software delivery
  • Capture product insights to base product innovation and investment on real world intelligence

Capture your share in IoT

Software Composition Analysis

Manage Your Use of Open Source Software

Open source software usage is increasing, and this is great! You bring products to market faster and save time on internal development. But let’s face it, the risks are increasing as well. It’s time to get things under control. Do you know what components you are shipping? Are you aware of the license obligations? And how do you manage vulnerabilities? Use the power of Software Composition Analysis (SCA) to bring open source scanning into your organization.

Manage OSS Security Vulnerabilities

You might remember Heartbleed. And you don’t want to leave the door open to hackers by shipping software with vulnerabilities. Knowing what you have will help you mitigate this risk:

  • Receive alerts on OSS vulnerabilities affecting your products
  • Mitigate the risk based on risk exposure scores
  • Send updates and patches out quickly

Ship secure software

Manage OSS License Compliance

Find out what’s in your code! Identify and track open source and third-party components. Over 2.5 million automated detection rules make analysis faster and more accurate.

  • Quickly locate OSS components and create a Bill of Materials
  • Ensure license compliance with automated policies and permission workflows
  • Introduce future-proof processes for Open Source management

Manage open source license compliance


Build Reliable Installers and Future-Proof Against OSS Vulnerabilities

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