IT Asset Management

Discover all your enterprise’s assets wherever they are

IT asset management (ITAM) starts with knowing what you have in your IT ecosystem. Flexera One discovers even the most elusive hardware and software across environments like SaaS, cloud, containers, clusters and virtual technologies. Flexera One’s discovery is optimized for today’s digital business and finds evidence required to determine license consumption, such as IBM sub-capacity requirements. Now you can plug your inventory gaps so you’ll have the power to negotiate effectively with IBM, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft and ServiceNow. 

The most important piece from asset management automation approach is the discovery of the assets.

Move beyond workflows

Eliminate spreadsheet chaos and decrease service tickets

Proactive management of technology requires more than workflows. Workflows aren’t going to find missing hardware or calculate license positions for complex software like Microsoft SQL Server, IBM Cloud Paks or Oracle Middleware. Along with automation, you need rich intelligence about how products are licensed, priced and are being used. Flexera automatically calculates your effective license position so you can eliminate spreadsheets and workflows that kick off manual processes.

Quote: Flexera gives us the automation and data we need without having to manually build a bunch of software models.
Top 5 ITAM Contracts by Value Graph

Contracts, renewals, leases

Negotiate based on facts

Let’s face it: software and hardware contracts are opaque. It’s hard to know what all the use rights really mean and how you’re going to stay in compliance or avoid fines. With Flexera One, you’ll have the insight you need to rightsize contractual agreements and optimize renewals. Flexera’s extensive product use rights libraries, with more than two million entries, enable you to report your effective license position and take the complexity out of vendor agreements. You don’t need to be a lawyer or mathematician to have the upper hand anymore.

Usage data

Use what you have, buy only what you need

Find unused, under-used and redundant technology in your environment so you can meet demand with your existing supply. Flexera One’s automated reclamation process removes unused software, so you don’t buy more when you already have unused inventory. Flexera One’s IT Asset Management software automates the IT asset lifecycle so you can quickly find assets that are available, in storage, up for renewal, or coming off lease/warranty. By gaining visibility into underutilized assets, you have the insights to negotiate contracts and control IT spend based on actual usage. 

Quote: We've saved millions of dollars on software renewals by not paying for stuff we don't use.
Audit Costs and Penalties by Size Chart

Manage risk proactively

Sail through vendor and regulatory audits

ITAM is the first line of defense as vendor audits, regulatory compliance and security threats dominate your risk exposure. Accurate license positions help you avoid messy vendor and compliance audits. When you're informed about what is in the environment, you can quickly determine your level of financial and security exposure. When the auditors come knocking, you’ll have all the information you need to fend them off and avoid unbudgeted audit expenses.

Digital transformation

Gain technology insights about your hybrid IT environment

Wherever you are in your digital transformation journey, Flexera One gives you real-time insights on your IT assets that need to be modernized, migrated or retired. Make better decisions with a unified view of your IT landscape across on-premises, SaaS and cloud. Now you can focus on aligning IT with the business and use the power of your IT assets to support digital transformation initiatives.

IT Asset Management Dashboard

IT Asset Management Capabilities

IT Asset Management that makes the exponential manageable

Software License Management Dashboard

Obtain a clear SaaS picture to rein in spend

ServiceNow, Salesforce, Workday, Microsoft. What if you could shave off even a few percentage points from your SaaS costs for all of them? With Flexera One, you get a current and complete picture of SaaS usage to support your business stakeholders while optimizing SaaS spend with all your vendors. Flexera One enables you to take action by discovering shadow SaaS, removing redundant applications and optimizing subscriptions based on actual usage automatically. 

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Software Asset Management Dashboard

Optimize software from on-prem to cloud

Your software portfolio is quickly expanding into private and public clouds with BYOSL. At the same time, Microsoft is creating hybrid use rights and IBM is offering Cloud Paks. And we thought capacity-based licensing in the data center was hard. You need more than a workflow to optimize your software spend and mitigate audit risks—that’s where Flexera One comes in. Flexera One is the only SAM solution to solve the exponentiality of licensing with depth, breadth, algorithms and automation required to truly create a trusted and accurate license position.

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Software Request and Reclamation Catalog

Establish the guardrails for automated governance

Your employees are a click and a credit card charge away from bringing new technologies into your business. With Flexera One’s capabilities, you can proactively reduce the sprawl and provide end users with a catalog of approved software, SaaS and cloud instances–helping you get them within guard rails while enabling the business to be agile and innovative. If they aren’t using what they buy, you can reclaim it to avoid future costs. And Flexera One integrates with ITSM providers so you can meet users where they are and provide a seamless end-user experience.

See Software Request and Reclamation

Hardware Asset Management Graph

Maximize your hardware investments no matter where they are

The remote workforce brought on new challenges and amplified the need for hardware asset management. Flexera Ones helps you make critical hardware lifecycle decisions to support user productivity, business continuity and make the most of your hardware investments. Enabling you to manage the hardware you own or lease, no matter where it is.

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Success Story

Packaging up millions in savings for a global shipping giant

Maersk needed more visibility and greater control of IT asset management company-wide. In less than one year, the shipping conglomerate saved millions of dollars by optimizing software licenses with Flexera’s powerful solutions.

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95 percent of Maersk’s IT assets are managed, and they have corporate-wide business unit transparency

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