Achieving Vendor License Position Certainty

Leverage Product Usage Rights to Determine an Accurate License Position

Don't Just Compare Licenses Purchased to Software Install Count

Flexera Software provides Software License Optimization consulting services that take into account product usage rights (a detailed and accurate understanding of your entitlement based on the vendor's software license agreement) along with purchase versus installed information that has been automatically collected by FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises. The outcome of the service is a 'Vendor License Position' report showing the current license position, potential cost savings, and practical recommendations for efficiency gains that can be realized.

Flexera Software is the only next generation software asset management vendor that provides this level of software license management capability. Focusing on the most critical applications from your key vendors, such as Microsoft, Adobe, Symantec, SAP, Oracle, Cadence, Synopsis, Mentor Graphics and more, allows your organization to achieve the fastest return on your Software License Optimization investment.

By taking full advantage of product usage rights, organizations can reap the greatest rewards in terms of IT cost savings. Often times, usage rights are not well understood or tracked, resulting in over-purchasing of software licenses. For example, rights of second use/portable use are frequently not taken into consideration, so organizations buy software licenses for every computer, even though the existing license allows use of the application on more than one machine per user.

See "Reducing IT Spend" to learn more about how an Software License Optimization, next generation software asset management, solution can deliver measurable IT cost savings.