Reduce Software Maintenance Renewals

Pay Maintenance On Only What You're Using; Consolidate Applications

Renewal Management Software

If your IT budget is typical, every year your total maintenance costs increase with the addition of all the new software you've purchased during the year.  But how often do you prune your software maintenance services?  Would you even know where to start?

Gain control of software maintenance spend

Flexera Software's FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises provides a comprehensive set of reports and drill-down queries to help you regain control of your software maintenance costs. Put an end to surprise maintenance invoices and unbudgeted maintenance expense.

Stop maintaining shelfware

With FlexNet Manager Suite you can review all applications under software maintenance and determine how much is installed and used throughout the physical and virtual enterprise.  You'll see at a glance which applications have never been installed or are no longer being used anywhere, enabling you to cancel their software maintenance spend for immediate savings.

Renew based on actual installations and usage

Identify applications for which your license ownership is far in excess of installation count or actual usage.  Uninstall any that are unused and use the FlexNet Manager Suite detailed reports to negotiate reduced software license and maintenance renewal fees where you have substantially fewer copies installed than you are currently paying for.

"Within weeks of deployment, FlexNet Manager Suite provided the information necessary to reduce our enterprise agreement license count.... Our return on investment took approximately seven months."

David Meacham, Osmose Holdings IT disaster recovery and operations support coordinator

Consolidate and centralize

Large IT organizations often find they have numerous versions of many applications, often purchased from a variety of sources and with separate software maintenance agreements.  Use FlexNet Manager Suite to eliminate waste and maximize maintenance discounts by:

  • identifying all of the overlap and duplication;
  • centralizing software maintenance management; and
  • consolidating software products, software versions, and maintenance providers