Fewer IT Resources

Automated Software License Management, Reporting & Analysis

Less Manual Effort Means More Time for Critical IT Projects

Considering the multitude of software license management cost savings benefits to be gained with Flexera Software's FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises, perhaps what is most surprising is that it can be accomplished with a significant reduction in IT asset management (ITAM) headcount.  In fact, a recent KPMG survey Software Asset Management: A Key to Infrastructure Optimization of more than 1,000 organizations found that software asset management-related IT labor costs can be reduced by as much as 50 percent through a software license management process that proactively manages software assets.

FlexNet Manager Suite automates the most time-consuming tasks required for full software license management.

One global IT services provider managing 200,000 computers reported a reduction of 22 FTEs (full-time equivalent headcount) dedicated to ITAM after implementing software license management best practices with FlexNet Manager Suite.  A mid-sized energy exploration and services company with 2,500 computers reported savings of eight ITAM FTEs as a result of their use of FlexNet Manager Suite.  How much more could you accomplish if you were able to free up 8 to 22 of your best people to work on other mission critical IT projects?

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