Purchase Fewer Licenses

Avoid Over-Purchasing; Reclaim and Re-Use Licenses

Maximize Utilization of Existing Assets

Most organizations prefer to err on the side of having too many licenses than not enough.  But without a license management strategy providing a detailed accounting of all applications licensed and used, and an understanding of all usage rights, this generally results in considerable waste in over-purchasing of software licenses.

Use what you've purchased

Only Flexera Software's FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises can give you a comprehensive enterprise-wide accounting of applications licensed, installed, and used throughout the physical and virtual enterprise.  With Flexera Software's License Compliance Services you can fully utilize the product usage rights for key vendors like Microsoft, Adobe and others to avoid purchasing more licenses than you need.

Reclaim what you've discarded

License purchases can also be deferred by reclaiming licenses that have been installed but are no longer used.  Whether from retired hardware or from employees whose job functions have changed, most organizations find they have many thousands of "pre-owned" licenses available for re-use. 

Installed does not mean used

How much software do you install as part of a standard package for entire departments, whether it's needed or not?  FlexNet Manager Suite tracks actual usage of applications and identifies installed software that is not being used, allowing you to uninstall it and reclaim the licenses.

"Once the implementation of FlexNet Manager Suite was complete, we found we were significantly over licensed. While we suspected there would be some level of over licensing, we were surprised at the level it had reached. We discovered that local procurement had resulted in employees re-purchasing equipment such as laptops, and at the same time purchasing new software even though there was no need to do so. Our over subscription in the UK alone represents a six figure sum"

Martyn Howe, Director of IT Services at Rentokil Initial

Product usage rights = fastest ROI and maximum cost savings

A license management strategy that takes full advantage of product usage rights enables organizations to reap the greatest rewards in terms of IT cost savings. Often times, usage rights are not well understood or tracked, resulting in over-purchasing of software licenses. For example, rights of second use/portable use are frequently not taken into consideration, so organizations overbuy licenses even though the existing license allows use of the application on more than one machine per user.

Flexera Software provides License Compliance Services that take into account product usage rights, along with purchased versus installed information. The outcome of the service is a 'License Position' report showing the current license position, potential cost savings, and practical recommendations for efficiency gains that can be realized.