Minimizing IT Software Audit Costs

Reduce Software Audit Preparation Time; Avoid Penalties

Ultimately, Avoid Software Audits and Fines

If you were challenged by one of your major software vendors to demonstrate that you are in full compliance with all license agreements, how long and how many person-hours would it take for you to respond?  Everyone hopes they can avoid them, but these days it's not a matter of "if" but "when" you will be confronted with a major software audit.  In a down economy many software vendors seek to offset reduced revenue from new sales with increased software license compliance revenue from existing customers.

Head off the software audit process before it starts

Vendors know that software auditing costs them time and money, so they're much less likely to proceed with a full audit if there's no additional revenue to be gained.  With Flexera Software's FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises you can quickly produce detailed reports that clearly show you're in full software license compliance worldwide.

Slash software audit time and effort

Enterprise and government customers tell us that FlexNet Manager Suite's comprehensive reporting dramatically reduces the time and effort required to prepare for and conduct a software audit.  All the information you need is available at your fingertips.  Prior to implementing FlexNet Manager Suite one mid-sized company had three people working for two and a half months to prepare for an audit.  After installing FlexNet Manager Suite the next software audit took one person a week.  A Microsoft audit by a leading accounting firm which took a year at one bank was completed in one week for a similar sized multinational bank using FlexNet Manager Suite.

Avoid penalties and software audit fees

Many software license agreements provide for the licensee to pay severe penalties plus the full cost of the software audit if an audit identifies any software license compliance shortfall. And that's on top of the unbudgeted additional license fees that must be paid immediately.  The penalties and costs can add up to many hundreds of thousands of dollars. FlexNet Manager Suite enables your organization to maintain software license compliance and avoid these costs.

"We were able to satisfy a Microsoft audit in six days using FlexNet Manager Suite.  [The leading accounting firm which conducted the audit] told us they just spent a full year on the same audit with another bank our size." 
- IT executive at a large multinational bank.

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