Maximize Volume Discounts

Centralize License Procurement; Consolidate Suppliers

How many different subsidiaries, divisions, departments, agencies and end-users in your organization purchase their own software licenses?  How many suppliers are providing the same products to different buyers?  Does your organization routinely add a full complement of application software to every new PC or laptop purchase?

All of these add up to missed opportunities for discounts that could provide hundreds of thousands of dollars in software license savings each year.

Centralize software procurement

The enterprise has awoken to realize that applications are one of the least well managed of all strategic corporate assets.  Corporate procurement is bringing the lessons learned from strategic solutions such as Supply Chain and Spend Management to the world of software licensing.  Procurement is no longer just the final tactical step before a contract gets signed.  Increasingly, procurement is actively driving more and more of the business dimension of the software asset lifecycle. 

Most enterprise software vendors provide substantial discounts for their customers who purchase the largest quantities.  But if your software licensing is handled by many departments through many different resellers, you have no way to persuade the vendors that you qualify for the best discounts for which you qualify. As a result, procurement focus is moving beyond a narrow focus on software license discounts to a broader strategy of optimizing enterprise-wide usage.

The bedrock of effective strategic procurement is information.  IT and Procurement executives at the leading enterprises turn to Flexera Software for a standard solution to acquire and deliver comprehensive, rich information needed to optimize software assets.  Flexera Software routinely saves our customers hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in unneeded application usage costs, often freeing up those dollars for other needed software solutions.

Gain control with FlexNet Manager Suite

Before you can begin to centralize procurement and management of software licenses, you need to have all of the information about all of the software licensed and used throughout your organization.  Flexera Software's FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises enables you to discover and consolidate details of all of the applications installed throughout your global enterprise, measure actual usage, and map all of that information to licenses purchased.  With FlexNet Manager Suite reports in hand showing worldwide volumes purchased and used for every application, you can negotiate volume license agreements with maximum leverage to gain all the discounts you're entitled to receive.