Cut IT Costs

Optimize Software Investments

Apply Different Strategies to Reduce Software Spend

You may know that a software asset management and software license compliance solution can protect you against unexpected license fees and penalties, and protect your department's or agency's reputation from the embarrassment of failing a software audit. But a comprehensive Flexera Software Software License Optimization solution can also provide short term hard cost savings that far exceed its cost, allowing you to do more with less IT spend. Customers tell us they have generated up to seven-figure returns on their FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises investment within 90 days of implementation.

Many sources of IT cost savings

To achieve these cost savings you need to know a lot more than just what software you have installed and what you've purchased. You need to be able to relate these to the unique and often complex license terms and conditions of your particular license for each different vendor to determine your actual usage rights for each product. Flexera Software's Global Consulting Services team has the unique expertise to help you implement software license management best practices that let you transform your department or agency IT software spend.