Prepare for Application Deployments

Keep up with Constantly Changing Software

Challenges for System Administrators

System administrators have to find ways to keep up with all of these challenges.

They have to prepare for application deployments, which keep getting more complex with the growing variety of application types, platforms, and app delivery methods.

Between new software deployments, patches and upgrades, 30% of a company's application environment changes every year.

And they have to manage all that change without any more hours in the day or more people to handle the tasks.

But how can they keep up when the software constantly evolves? And how can they future-proof enterprise technology for the next unexpected change?

Application Deployment - Flexera

Flexera Software value to System Administrators

Flexera Software's solutions for enterprises help System Administrators keep up when software constantly evolves, enabling them to:

  • Manage constant change

    New deployment models and technologies are proliferating the IT environment as companies embrace the cloud, virtualization, desktop transformation and bring your own device (BYOD) initiatives. System Administrators need the tools to automate and manage application usage across the entire software lifecycle. By automating the Application Readiness process, they are able to meet business needs by delivering reliable, standardized applications for deployment to any chosen environment.
  • Future-proof the business

    The pace of change is accelerating as new technologies enable greater flexibility to support business agility and innovation requirements. Ensuring that applications are able to reliably operate in new environments is critical for business continuity. A robust and automated Application Readiness process delivers the management needed to future-proof the business from technology change, ensuring that you can embrace the new technologies without business interruption.

Flexera Software solutions are proven in over 80,000 customers, delivering System Administrators the tools they need to automate and manage essential Application Readiness processes. The result is that they are able to effectively and efficiently support the business by ensuring that applications continue to work in the midst of constant changes.