Negotiating IT Vendor Agreements

Reduce Costs, Ensure Compliance and Deliver a Positive ROI

Move Beyond a Software Discount-only Approach

The Director of IT Procurement and Vendor Management is chartered with representing the company’s interests in vendor negotiations to ensure the best possible deal and working with the business to ensure ongoing compliance with the final agreement. To achieve this, they must:

  • Be in the driver’s seat for vendor negotiations, consolidate vendors where possible and negotiate the best contract possible with the highest discount and strongest ROI case
  • Ensure compliance with vendor agreements, avoid lengthy software audit preparation time and unbudgeted true-up costs
  • Work with the business to optimize software usage to ensure the company is using what they purchased and reclaiming unused software to avoid additional, unneeded purchases
  • Ensure the business needs are met with a strong return on investment (ROI)

The ultimate goal is both negotiate a great upfront agreement and "close the loop" with the business to ensure the objectives are met and the company is continuously compliant with the negotiated agreements.

Flexera Software value to Directors of IT Procurement and Vendor Management

Flexera Software’s solutions for enterprises help IT procurement and vendor management professionals to:

  • Lead vendor negotiations

    —agreements for many IT assets, particularly software, continue to grow in complexity due to new license models and computing environments. Solutions to include support for today’s modern license models and can reconcile that information with accurate usage, product use rights and entitlement data provide the visibility and actionable information needed to manage vendor negotiations.
  • Ensure continuous compliance

    —most organizations excel at negotiating software agreements, but don’t have the ability to know if they are using software in compliance with those agreements. Accurately reconciling software inventory and purchase order data allows for the generation of a software license compliance position. Contract management ensures proactive planning for expirations and renewals and dashboards identify potential compliance breaches before software audits
  • Drive license optimization and cost avoidance

    —most organizations lack the globally centralized data necessary to proactively manage asset spend. Centralizing this information and automating the processes necessary to identify unused software available for reclamation, reduce maintenance on unused software and optimize software spend can deliver material savings to any organization.

Flexera Software solutions are proven in over 80,000 customers, delivering IT procurement and vendor management directors the information needed to proactively lead vendor negotiations, ensure continuous compliance with agreements and optimize spend.