IT Asset Portfolio Management

Proactively Manage Risk, Cost, Compliance and Business Performance

Gain Visibility and Control of your IT Estate

The Director of IT Asset Management is chartered with enabling the organization to manage the IT asset portfolio with respect to risk, cost, compliance and business performance. To achieve this, they must:

  • Gain visibility and control of hardware and software assets across their entire lifecycle
  • Enable comprehensive and accurate reporting of all assets to ensure license compliance and avoid unbudgeted costs, enable tax reporting and depreciation tracking for hardware assets and enable accurate charge-back processes
  • Mature the software asset management program and create automated and sustainable software asset management operations, enhance and automate software governance, and reduce manual effort that leads to errors

The ultimate goal is to gain control of your IT assets, drive savings in IT spend and ensure continuous compliance with software license agreements.

Flexera Software Value to Directors of IT Asset Management

Flexera Software’s solutions for enterprises help IT asset management professionals to:

  • Gain Visibility and Control

    —today’s IT environments are very complex and distributed. Centralized and automated discovery and inventory of hardware and software assets, whether they are virtualized, in the cloud, on the desktop or in the datacenter, serves as the basis for control and management. The result is a comprehensive asset management inventory and normalized list of applications.
  • Ensure Continuous Compliance

    —most organizations excel at negotiating software agreements, but don’t have the ability to know if they are using software in compliance with those agreements. Accurately reconciling software inventory and purchase order data allows for the generation of a software license compliance position. Contract management ensures proactive planning for expirations and renewals and dashboards identify potential compliance breaches before software audits.
  • Mature Business Processes and Optimize Spend

    —the approach to managing IT assets is immature in many organizations; local rather than global and ad hoc at best. Leveraging a proven process maturity model and sophisticated automation, organizations can mature their business processes from reactive to proactive and realize higher business value. Automated reconciliation of software usage, entitlements and product use rights delivers the actionable insights needed to optimize software spend.

Flexera Software solutions are proven in over 80,000 customers, delivering IT asset management directors the information needed to proactively manage IT assets, ensure governance, mature business processes and deliver greater business value.