Optimize Application Investments

Make the Right Decisions and be in Control of the Software Estate

Increase the Usage and Value Derived From the Applications You Purchase

A CIO has to worry about making sure the enterprise has all the software needed to support its business objectives. As the pace of technology adoption increases, they need to find ways to prepare the organization for change, find ways to realize money-saving market efficiencies from these new technologies, and fund innovation through legacy optimization.

But to do that, the CIO has to know what software the organization needs, how best to deploy it, what applications the enterprise has already licensed, and what employees actually use. And they have to figure out how to balance the upsides of virtualization and the cloud with ensuring optimal performance and compliance.

As licensing agreements get more complex, this task gets even harder. Different employees require different apps, want to use their own devices and rely on consumerized IT. And with employees getting used to App Stores and easy installation, it's tough to restrict them to only using officially sanctioned applications.

They're accountable for making the best investments – but how can they make the right decisions when constant change makes it harder than ever to be in control of their software estate?

Flexera Software value to CIOs

Flexera Software value to CIOs

Flexera Software's solutions for enterprises help CIOs increase the usage and value derived from the applications they purchase, enabling them to:

  • Prepare the organization to adopt new technology

    —enabling IT as a service and having business processes in place to effectively leverage new technologies such as virtualization, the cloud and bring your own device (BYOD) can foster greater business agility. Ensuring that IT has the controls and processes in place to proactively manage application usage as software moves through its lifecycle—from procurement to eventual retirement—CIOs transform IT service delivery to better meet the needs of a rapidly changing business.
  • Realize savings from technology efficiencies

    —most CIOs are being asked to do more with less. Finding efficiencies is essential to managing a tight budget. Being able to effectively and efficiently leverage new technologies is one way. Automating and integrating business processes, such as those for Application Readiness and Software License Optimization, reduce the number of staff required and the potential for costly errors.
  • Fund innovation through legacy optimization

    —unfortunately, a high percentage of IT budgets is tied up in keeping the lights on, minimizing the potential for innovation. Through proactive management, optimizations can be achieved that fine tune and reduce software spend, freeing needed funds to support business innovations.

Flexera Software solutions are proven in over 80,000 customers, delivering CIOs the control and proactive management they need across their growing software estate. Leading CIOs are funneling the resultant cost savings directly into initiatives to support business agility and innovation.