Managing Risk and Continuous Compliance

Plan a Budget by Anticipating Software Costs

Proactively Manage Business Risk and Budgeting

The CFO, tasked with governance and managing company risk, realizes the impact of compliance on the business.

Budgets are tight and changing technology requires continuous investment to keep up. The enterprise can't afford failed application deployments or overspending in some places while over-using in others.

And it definitely can't afford the costly audit true-ups that result from being out of compliance. The CFO knows that sudden audits risk totally unexpected, unbudgeted bills running in the hundreds of thousands – if not the millions – of dollars.

How can they plan a budget when they can't anticipate costs?

Flexera Software value to CFOs

Flexera Software's solutions for enterprises help CFOs increase budget predictability, usage and value derived from the applications they purchase, enabling them to:

  • Manage business risk

    —as applications have become more strategic in running the business, they have proliferated through every aspect of operations. Software licensing agreements have become more diverse and complicated with varying terms, metrics and rights while new technologies and frequent software upgrades make for complex global rollouts. Managing business risk from failed application deployments and costly software audit true-ups is a growing challenge requiring the right information and integrated business processes that automate and manage application usage across the software lifecycle.
  • Increase budget predictability and reduce spend

    —most organizations don't know if they are fully utilizing all the software they've purchased. Combine that likely over-spend with other applications that are over-used and you have a substantial budget risk. Proactive and continuous management combined with financial what-if impact analysis of planned changes can increase budget predictability and reduce software spend across the organization.

Flexera Software solutions are proven in over 80,000 customers, delivering CFOs the information needed to proactively manage business risk and budgeting for their increasingly expensive and strategic software estate. Leading CFOs are leveraging this insight to gain more strategic value from their investments at a lower cost.