Software Spend Optimization: How it Works

Proactively Manage Software Assets to Meet Financial Objectives

Manage the Full Software Lifecycle to Reduce Costs

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Flexera Software solutions for software spend optimization save money, deliver operational efficiencies and improve vendor management while proactively managing software assets to meet financial obligations.


App Portal Enterprise App Store

App Portal enforces continual software license compliance and controls software deployment, while increasing employee satisfaction and the efficiency of application service delivery. The enterprise app store ensures that governance is in place to check software license availability, obtain proper approvals on software requests, and reclaim unused licenses.

Despite best-in-class procurement processes, organizations can still end up spending too much on software through ad hoc purchases driven by business needs for rapid access to applications. Using Flexera Software App Portal, IT can deliver self-service, rapid access to applications while tying approvals and license management into the process.

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FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises

Whether you're an enterprise, government body or educational institution, you know how strategic software applications have become. They no longer just help the business, they run the business. Yet, surprisingly, software licenses and application usage are managed tactically at best by most organizations. Lacking a strategic solution for Software License Optimization, most organizations are significantly overspending on some licenses and out of compliance on others, putting them at risk of costly software audits.

Ensuring continuous software license compliance requires an ongoing program supported by the right information. FlexNet Manager Suite delivers the needed information through an accurate inventory of your applications reconciled against actual usage and your product use rights. The result is a centralized system for proactively managing license compliance across the software estate from desktop to the datacenter.

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Workflow Manager

Workflow Manager, helps enterprises efficiently manage the Application Readiness and Software License Optimization processes to streamline the procurement, preparation, deployment, and ongoing management of applications. Workflow Manager maximizes productivity of the IT team by automating change management, asset management, and other ITIL processes as part of the enterprise application lifecycle.

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Flexera Software’s enterprise products work together to deliver unique value in managing application usage across the software lifecycle. As users request applications in App Portal, software license availability is first checked in FlexNet Manager Suite. After installation of the application, usage is tracked by FlexNet Manager Suite and unused application licenses are identified for possible reclamation.


Flexera Software Global Consulting Services combines years of experience, industry best practice expertise and deep knowledge on our products to help you design and implement solutions to meet your business needs. Learn more about our Application Readiness and Software License Optimization service offerings.