Software Spend Optimization

Proactively Manage Software Assets to Meet Financial Objectives

Manage the Full Software Lifecycle to Reduce Costs

Software can represent as much as 25% of all IT spending. While software has become a strategic asset, most companies don’t have a strategic solution to manage and optimize software spend. Focusing only on procurement discounts combined with a lack of processes and tools to understand actual application usage and software product use rights is costing enterprises billions in over-spend each year. This is why it’s critical to have a mature software asset management and license optimization program in place in your organization.

The challenges: managing complexity across the software estate

  • Can you effectively leverage volume pricing agreements and vendor consolidation initiatives to optimize current and future software license spend to ensure you pay for only what you need and use?
  • Do you understand the immediate and ongoing financial impact of hardware and software changes?
  • Do you have accurate information for chargeback, showback, reclaiming and leasing of software assets?
  • Can you forecast future software needs and optimize your software spend based on actual usage trends?

The solution: enterprise-wide software license optimization

Flexera Software has saved companies upwards of 30% of their software spend by delivering an enterprise-wide solution to manage and optimize software licensing. These advanced software asset management. Solutions enable enterprises to:

  • Centralize asset management—leverage economies of scale by centralizing asset management to ensure that you maximize volume discounts across departments and geographies to avoid over-spending on software. Ensure that you leverage your entitlements, fully utilize all assets from all vendors and buy only what you need
  • Manage the entire lifecycle—integrate license optimization processes throughout the entire application lifecycle—from procurement to deployment/use and retirement—to ensure that each application is continuously tracked and its use is understood.
  • Make fact-based decisions—reconcile a single version of the truth of purchase, contract (entitlement and product use rights), installation and usage data to unlock insights across your entire software estate so you are able to make fact-based decisions and negotiate more effectively with vendors
  • Integrate with procurement processes—close the loop from initial purchase of an asset to it's ongoing use and retirement to ensure that new purchases are truly needed based on an up-to-date and accurate understanding of what you have and what is being used

Flexera Software solutions for software spend optimization save money, deliver operational efficiencies and improve vendor management while proactively managing software assets to meet financial obligations.