Challenges of Microsoft Licensing

A Solution Overview

Microsoft License Management

Of all the leading software vendors, Microsoft is arguably the most ubiquitous. Companies of virtually every size rely upon a wide range of Microsoft products, from operating systems and desktop applications, to cloud services to run their business. Due to the complexity of Microsoft licensing a mature software asset management (SAM) process and advanced license optimization tools are required to control costs and maintain compliance.

The challenges: managing Microsoft licensing complexity

  • How do you determine which volume licensing agreement will make the most sense for your organization? There are Enterprise Agreement (EA), Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA) and Open agreements to name a few.
  • Can you easily prepare for the annual EA true-up? Do you know what has been deployed in the past year and what is actually being used?
  • Do you know your Microsoft license position and are you in compliance with the license agreements? Or do you have high risk of a software audit?
  • Do you understand your Microsoft Product Terms or Product Use Rights that you receive as part of your license agreement? Are you fully leveraging those product use rights to reduce consumption?
  • How do you manage all of the different Microsoft license models— device, user, processor, core, server and CAL, etc.? The license model is used to calculate license consumption.

The solution: Microsoft license optimization

Flexera Software provides its FlexNet Manager for Microsoft solution to enable enterprise customers to efficiently manage and optimize Microsoft licensing. The solution allows organizations to:

  • Maintain compliance with Microsoft license agreements, reducing the risk of a software audit and minimizing unbudgeted audit true-up expenses.
  • Reduce Microsoft software costs by automating the process of applying product use rights to determine an optimized license position and reduce license consumption.
  • Automate the process of reclaiming licenses for unused software to maximize utilization of existing software assets and defer new license purchases.
  • Easily generate EA true-up reports that allow you to be prepared for this annual event.