Application Migration Strategy: How it Works

Be in Control as You Manage Software Through Change

Proactively Manage Your Application Migration Process

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Flexera Software application migration solutions automate business processes across an applications lifecycle to bring structure to chaos, enabling IT to be in control as they manage software through constant and diverse changes.


App Portal

The enterprise app store enables Self-service OS Deployment and Migrations. Employees can initiate application migrations when the time is right for them. App Portal's Windows Deployment automates operating system deployment (OSD)* and provides role based migration of applications to new operating systems. Application delivery can be integrated at OS build time or performed as a 2-step migration, OS then applications. App Portal supports bare-metal, in-place, and side-by-side migrations.

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AdminStudio Suite

AdminStudio Suite powers an enterprise's Application Readiness process for inventory, rationalization, packaging, planning, and compatibility testing of physical, virtual, and mobile applications, ensuring faster service delivery and predictable deployment. AdminStudio Suite also removes a critical barrier to cloud adoption by automating the assessment, conversion and publishing of various virtual formats to both physical and cloud environments.

AdminStudio Suite is the industry's de facto standard for managing applications through change, helping you automate and manage the entire Application Readiness process. Since AdminStudio Suite supports the latest technologies – from Microsoft, Citrix, VMware and more – you're able to manage application migrations in a consistent, unified manner to ensure consistency and reliability of application deployments.

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FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises

Whether you're an enterprise, government body or educational institution, you know how strategic software applications have become. They no longer just help the business, they run the business. Yet, surprisingly, software licenses and application usage are managed tactically at best by most organizations. Lacking a strategic solution for Software License Optimization, most organizations are significantly overspending on some licenses and out of compliance on others, putting them at risk of costly software audits.

Managing application compliance needs to be integrated into your application migration strategies since any change in use or deployment of an application can introduce new risks and liabilities. FlexNet Manager Suite provides the foundation by automating key processes in a software asset management program and proactively alerting you of compliance problems.

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Workflow Manager

Workflow Manager, helps enterprises efficiently manage the Application Readiness and Software License Optimization processes to streamline the procurement, preparation, deployment, and ongoing management of applications. Workflow Manager maximizes productivity of the IT team by automating change management, asset management, and other ITIL processes as part of the enterprise application lifecycle.

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Flexera Software Global Consulting Services combines years of experience, industry best practice expertise and deep knowledge on our products to help you design and implement solutions to meet your business needs. Learn more about our Application Readiness and Software License Optimization service offerings.