Challenges of Adobe Licensing

A Solution Overview

Manage Adobe Licenses

Software products from Adobe® are used by design professionals, creative artists, and business professionals throughout the world. Applications such as Adobe Premiere® Pro, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Acrobat® DC have become standards in video editing, graphic design, and digital document processing. And their Adobe Photoshop® solution has become so ubiquitous, the term “photoshopped” has become a generic term for editing a photograph.

The challenges: understanding Adobe licensing

  • Adobe has 4 volume licensing programs including the Value Incentive Plan (VIP), Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA), Cumulative Licensing Program (CLP), and Transactional Licensing Program (TLP). How do you determine which volume licensing agreement will make the most sense for your organization?
  • Can you easily prepare for an enterprise licensing true-up? Do you know what has been deployed in the past year and what is actually being used?
  • Do you understand your Adobe licensing terms and conditions that you receive as part of your license agreement? Are you fully leveraging those product use rights to reduce license consumption?
  • To determine your Adobe licensing position, do you gather and comb through reams of file, package, registry and other data to determine the applications installed on each desktop and laptop computer?
  • Can you easily manage a dynamic software lifecycle that includes upgrades, retired versions, and reclamation of licenses for unused applications?

The solution: Adobe license optimization

FlexNet Manager Platform is a scalable Software License Optimization solution that includes both hardware and software asset management, as well as Adobe desktop and server software license optimization.

Our Adobe licensing management solution can help you:

  • Track and monitor what Adobe software is deployed and how is it being used
  • Maintain compliance with Adobe license agreements, reducing the risk of a software audit and minimizing unbudgeted audit true-up expenses
  • Reduce Adobe software costs by automating the process of applying product use rights to determine an optimized license position and reduce license consumption.
  • Automate the process of reclaiming licenses for unused software to maximize utilization of existing software assets and defer new license purchases.

Regardless of whether the software is purchased as a packaged product or via a monthly subscription, an enterprise needs to manage Adobe licensing to ensure they are only paying for the software they use, while maintaining license compliance with the software they have deployed.