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Get Certified Using FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises

FlexNet Manager Suite Certification*:

The FlexNet Manager Suite certification program consists of two tracks that will serve to verify that individual consultants can perform basic installation procedures and license reconciliations, as per Flexera best practices.

Track 1 – Operational Foundation Certification:

The operational track will have candidates demonstrate a basic ability to navigate the FNMS solution, set up basic license entitlements, manage day-to-day activities and perform license reconciliations. This certification track is designed to assist partners, consultants and users of the FNMS system to be enabled to perform basic operations to maintain a basic License Position.

Track 2 – Technical Foundation Certification:

The technical track will have candidates create a new FNMS environment and connect to inventory sources while demonstrating basic troubleshooting techniques. This certification track is designed to assist partners, consultants and administrators in performing an initial Flexera deployment as well maintaining the system with basic troubleshooting techniques.

The two tracks take a similar approach to certify new candidates with the relevant content for each track. Depending on the track, the tracks leverage a combination of the following:

  1. Online classes
  2. Classroom Bootcamps
  3. Online Exams
  4. Capstone Exams

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*Notwithstanding that an Individual Consultant has undertaken certification, Individual Consultants remain independent from Flexera Software and Flexera Software does not guarantee the work of Individual Consultants.